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Predizo Limited Liability Company

Predizo specializes in custom software development, design and implementation of highly robust predictive models using latest machine learning and predictive analytics techniques. At the moment company’s team consists of 20 full-time employees: software engineers and analysts with Master and PhD degrees in computer science, mathematics, physics, econometrics and financial engineering. Predizo technology focus includes C++, C#, Ruby on Rails, Python, R, Matlab and such analytical methods as pattern recognition, SVM, Bayesian statistics, neural networks, complex process modeling, regression analysis, cluster analysis, sequential Monte-Carlo, causal time series, feature selection, Granger causality and decision trees. 

Predizo delivers predictive modeling solutions to various business spheres including retail and e-commerce, telecom, insurance, advertising, healthcare, banking and finance.

Applying cutting edge methods of data mining and predictive analytics, Predizo team develops adaptive software solutions to help our customers optimize their business processes, support decision making and anticipate new trends.

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