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Syberry CIS Limited Liability Company

Syberry CIS was founded in 2012 as an independent software development services provider. The company delivers custom software tailored for the customer`s needs, ensuring a full-cycle model of cooperation and the comprehensive post-development support and maintenance services.
We specialize in developing custom software from scratch for the industries like oil and gas, healthcare, telecommunications, entertainment, e-business and many others.
In our work, we employ all the major technological platforms; specifically, we use HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, .Net, Java, C++
The company has proven expertise in developing of heavy-loaded web systems, including social and e-commerce applications, corporate ERP portals, mobile applications, SaaS and Cloud solutions. To date, Syberry’s team consists of more than 50 professionals, and the company is growing around 40% each year.

We are strict about our promises, dedicated to quality and very innovative. Syberry employs a global delivery model, and our priority-driven markets are Russian Federation, the United States of America and western EU countries.

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