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Private unitary enterprise “CLEVER LABS”

UE CleverLabs

CleverLabs is a full-cycle Boutique Software Engineering company delivering internationally full-stack software development services.

Expertise: high load systems, EDIs, CRMs for insurance brokerage, HRM systems, shipment and delivery solutions, blockchain platforms, etc.

Team: 20+ middle/senior engineers.

Services: software solutions' development for businesses and startups in Insurtech, eCommerce, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain and Blockchain technology.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React JS, Blockchain, etc.

Customers: USA, Europe.

Target Activities:

●      Applications

●      IT services, ASP, SaaS

●      Custom Software Development

●     Services & Solutions

●     Application Software

●     IT security

●     Application development and deployment market

IT projects:

Online human resources management platform for Insurtech SMBs
Online platform for e-commerce marketplaces’ and shipping and delivery services’ management

Target Activities:

IT projects:

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