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Sideways 6 Development Ltd

Sideways 6 is a SaaS innovation management platform that helps large organizations (with a staff of more than 5,000 people) seek innovative ideas for employees to optimize their work, reduce losses and find new sources of income. The platform encourages corporate communication and promotes the active involvement of employees in the innovation process.

The key goal of the project is crowdsourcing the ideas of employees of large companies. The source for crowdsourcing data is corporate social networks (Workplace, Yammer), instant messengers (MS Teams, Slack, Facebook Messenger) and other open sources.

When developing the product, the following technologies are used: .NET / .NET Core, Entity Framework, JavaScript, Redux, Azure, Service Fabric, Cloud Services, App Service, Application Insight, MS SQL, MongoDB, Entity Framework, Dapper, Mapper, etc. The current staff has 30 employees in Minsk and London.

Sideways 6 is an official partner of Microsoft, Workplace by Facebook, Yammer.

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