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Today, there are 684 resident companies in Belarus Hi-Tech Park which are engaged in high-end software development, customization and IT services delivery for clients in more than 67 countries of the world.

If you are looking for a business partner or a software services provider, please use our HTP resident companies database for better choice.

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Indigo Bunting was founded in 2014, specializes in the development and publishing of mobile games. The company primarily uses the Unity game engine to create its own projects. Games from Indigo Bunting mainly distributed through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Most of the audience is players from the United States, Great Britain and Canada.

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Limited Liability Company "Informational Portals and Services" is a company with a special expertise in custom software development – providing custom solutions, specialized products and high quality IT consultancy.

We have developed the ability to design and implement a wide range of end-to-end solutions, which are being used by more than 200 thousand users, both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

The company benefits from accumulated experience and knowledge of its team and partners, the most up-to-date IT industry developments, which enables to get results in the shortest possible time and cost-effective investments.

We have a vast experience in implementing complex custom solutions, our team members being experts in their field continue to develop and study the latest global developments. Focused on our customers needs and  being a reliable partner, our company is able to effectively solve the most complex tasks.

The company has implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015. «Informational Portals and Services» LLC has been issued a special permit for the right to carry out technical and cryptographic information protection activities.

Main products / services / solutions:

 Our company provides custom end-to-end software development and consultancy for the implementation of the developed software, including:

·          study of existing business processes of the Customer;

·          recommendations for optimizing business processes;

·          software requirements specification development;

·          software development and testing;

·          providing organizational and administrative documentation for commissioning;

·          software maintenance and development.


The company develops software for the following tasks:

·          monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators of organizations;

·          distance learning and knowledge assessment;

·          reporting in the form of electronic documents;

·          remote user service.

Our company has gained experience in performing software audit in order to assess the quality of source codes and their suitability for further support by our specialists.

Corporate employee portals (HRM)

Designed to systematize and share information within the organization, with full control, both for the process and the result. In addition, the portal's functionality can be extended by a number of information services that will increase employee loyalty: forums, event calendars, information sections of public organizations and other online services, depending on the needs of a particular organization. As a result, a global internal company content is created with a single entry point that unites personnel, accumulating formalized knowledge and information.

Information analysis systems (BI)

Intended for collection and processing with subsequent analysis of various types of reporting, both at the enterprise level and at the inter-branch level. The functionality of this service allows to store and use report forms online, monitor the timing and quality of the information provided, analyze and draw conclusions, and prepare management decisions. As a result of the introduction of this type of software, the efficiency of data receiving is ensured, and the process of data processing and analysis is significantly accelerated. Displaying the results of data analysis in graphical form greatly simplifies the decision-making process.

Dealer portal (B2B)

Is a single information system connecting a company and its customers. The functionality of this portal allows to store and make available to both parties, the company and the partner, information about parties to a transaction, orders and payments, to control the process of order execution and order schedules, exchange documents, monitor the fulfillment of obligations and credit behavior of customers, generate data for picking and delivery, make timely adjustments during the execution of the transaction and reflect the result. Dealer portal can be developed based on the needs of a particular company and type of business. As a result the efficiency of data exchange is ensured, reducing the risk of errors, while at the same time simplifying communication process with partners and customers, increasing the efficiency of the company as a whole.

Remote user service portals (B2C, G2B, G2C, B2B)

Called to unite and simplify the interaction between the supplier of services and goods and their customers. Provides accessibility for users in 24 * 7 mode without territorial restrictions. It is a web portal in which information on goods and services is placed, a service for purchase and payment, documents exchange, order status tracking and monitoring the execution of an order. It may additionally contain links to specialized sites for more complete information on goods and services purchased and simplifying the choice process. As a result, companies using these systems significantly increase the inflow of customers and the volume of services provided and goods sold, reducing their own costs.

When creating remote service portals, ready-made solutions developed by our team can be used:

·             information services for remote maintenance portals

·             user account

·             acceptance of payments

·             electronic legally relevant documents

·             mobile client

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InnoTech Solutions - Belarusian software development company (developer code  No. 45700), included into the Register of Producers of Goods (Works & Services)  No. P-9474-2018. It has many years of experience in the IT industry and a streamlined software development process.

The quality management system of design, development, implementation and maintenance of software, information and automated control systems, including the use of cloud technologies and research, meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 (No. BY / 112 05.01.056 08001).

The company has a special license of the Operational Analytical Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 01019/427 and is entitled to carry out technical and / or cryptographic information protection activities.

The company's team has many years of experience in the implementation of complex infrastructural projects in many countries around the world.

Our specialists develop software solutions for leading industries: telecommunications; health care; education; logistics; transport; wholesale and retail; banking & insurance.

The company uses the following languages: C #, C ++, TypeScript, Python, JavaScript for software development.

Currently, the company employs around 40 people.

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InSoft Engineering founded in 2004. The main activity of the company is the development of custom software for customers from the EU and the USA.

InSoft Engineering has an experience at building software for monitoring and steering of directional drilling processes, financial and online retail data processing. The company provides wide range of IT services from development to support. InSoft has mature processes of project management (including Agile approaches) and quality control.

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Inspectorio INC. was established in 2016 and has become one of the leading software development companies in the sphere of product quality control.Under its leadership was created a cloud integrated platform which intended for retailers, suppliers, producers   who   want   to   increase   the   efficiency   of   tracking   and controlling the supplying goods processes. The online world mass media has noted several times that the Inspectorio is one of the most perspective companies in the world.

The Company is the center of Inspectorio’s developments including a special platform and applications in the sphere of quality control and compliance of the production and supply processes. Except the Belarusian office there are companies in other countries. It provides world market coverage and customization of goods in accordance with


Inspectorio Bel LLC takes part in the realization and development of the company's projects using machine learning technology, artificial intelligence, and provides technical support and consulting with purpose to integrate the platform into end-user processes, process the incoming data using the platform and track the information.

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The company was founded 03/29/2018. In October 2019, a change of owners of the Company took place, and on 01.11.2019, a change in name was registered. The development area in which the Company will specialize and develop is Cloud Technologies, the scope is machine learning, social networks, manufacturing, trade, the banking (financial) sector and other areas that use large amounts of data, requiring increased fault tolerance and scalability of the infrastructure. Considering the volume and scaling of information data used in business, the Company’s services in the field of Cloud Technologies, from the point of view of the geography of sales markets, have no restrictions.

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