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Today, there are 684 resident companies in Belarus Hi-Tech Park which are engaged in high-end software development, customization and IT services delivery for clients in more than 67 countries of the world.

If you are looking for a business partner or a software services provider, please use our HTP resident companies database for better choice.

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The HTML5 CompatibL Risk Platform has been engineered by our leading software architects as an advanced Web based platform that delivers risk, capital, initial margin and regulatory calculations in a time when keeping up with the incessant stream of regulatory demands has become every risk manager’s most feared conundrum.  Presently, 4 out of 5 largest derivative dealers, and over 50 financial institutions, including supranationals and central banks in the US, EMEA and Asia, rely on the CompatibL Risk Platform and other technologies implemented by CompatibL in their day-to-day operations and banking activities. The success of the CompatibL Risk Platform has also been recognized by the prestigious Risk.Net portal that has awarded the coveted ‘No.1 in CVA’ prize to CompatibL on multiple occasions.

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LLC "Complitech" is a Belarusian company that was established in 2011.

The company specializes in software and hardware products and projects in industries such as physical and industrial security, video surveillance, indoor navigation, congress systems, manufacturing, transport and telecommunications, Internet of Things, Smart Cities.

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Cortlex Bel LLC was founded in 2017. The company specializes in custom web-based software development with client-server architecture and cross-platform mobile applications for Android and iOS. The following technologies and programming languages are used: C#, .Net, PHP, SQL, PostgreSQL, jQuery, NHibernate, Symfony 2, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MSSQL, HTML, JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, React, Ionic, Cordova, Azure, AWS, etc. The main clients are companies from the USA and EU countries that operate in such fields as medicine, telecommunication, finance, insurance.

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Craft Machine, LLC, established in 2016, is a development center of Craft Machine groups of companies with its head office in San-Francisco (USA) and also office in London (Great Britain).

Craft Machine works with the clients from Europe and USA developing its own product Craft. Craft is a machine-learning powered data and analytics platform building the “Source of Truth” on various companies and sectors. The Company organizes financial, operating and human capital data from thousands of sources to provide comprehensive, up-to-date sector and company profiles.

Using methodologies: Agile, SCRUM, KANBAN. Programming languages: Python, Ruby, Javascript, Java, Elixir. Development areas: web-development (B2B and B2C). Application: financial sector, business analysis, education.

Currently Minsk office has 30 employees.

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Createx LLC is a belorussian company specializing in software development based on neural networks. Createx develops its own projects, for the iOS platform mostly.

It was founded in March 14, 2018. Staff number: 13.

Main technologies / programming languages: Swift, Objective C, Keras, Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, PHP, MYSQL.

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Cryptotrade LLC was founded in 2018 and carries out the activities of a crypto platform operator (iExchange cryptocurrency exchange) and other activities with the use of digital tokens (tokens). A multinational team including experts from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Canada and China, is working on Cryptotrade’s projects.

The Company's strategic goal is to provide its clients with a legal and safe opportunity to carry out a wide range of operations with cryptocurrencies (i.e. trading, exchange, storage, etc.) as well as to attract investments through regulated ICO and IEO.

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CTCO LLC is a domestic software development company. The company is established in 2016 and specializes in the development of software for Com Tec Co group being a group’s development center.

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Our company is one of the few on the territory of Belarus which is developing its own product  an international electronic payment system EcoCard. The company was founded in 2004, specializes in the development of software products, providing services for the implementation of information systems in the areas of finance. The development uses .Net, Java, iOS, HTML5, etc. At that moment in our company work 68 employees.

Our company realized more than 30 projects for foreign customers, among them Com Tec Co Group (Luxemburg), PSIPay Ltd (United Kingdom), C.T.Co Ltd (Latvia).

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LLC «Currency Com BEL» is registered by the Minsk city executive committee in the Uniform state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on September 4, 2018 and created for implementation of activity of the operator of the cryptoplatform and also other types of activity provided in the business project.

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The company was founded in 2015. The number of employees – 42. LLC “Cyber Genesis” specializes in e-sports and development of application software for sports teams and clubs.

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