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Today, there are 684 resident companies in Belarus Hi-Tech Park which are engaged in high-end software development, customization and IT services delivery for clients in more than 67 countries of the world.

If you are looking for a business partner or a software services provider, please use our HTP resident companies database for better choice.

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LLC TISPR was founded in 2016 by a founder (American product IT company). TISPR develops an application software for freelancers’, small and medium busyness’s USA marketplace. The only Customer is it’s founder. Company uses technologies iOS, Android, SaaS, ES6, Node, Mongodb, Node.js etc. There are 15 employees in Grodno office.

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For years of work TODES Ltd has developed more than 20 large state-level information systems.

The main customers of our company are the following:

Republic of Belarus

  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • The State Security Committee;
  • The State Border Committee;
  • The Investigation Committee;
  • The Presidential Administration;
  • The State Committee of forensic examinations;
  • The Ministry of Taxes and Charges;
  • The Supreme Court;
  • The Ministry of Justice.

 Republic of Kazakhstan

  • The National Security Committee;
  • The Central Election Commission.


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Top Soft is one of the leaders of the national IT market of integrated company management systems. Management processes within an enterprise or a holding, strategic business planning and management, information space monitoring, analytical research, intelligent business analysis – each of these tasks is essential for a present-day company, and Top Soft is offering the best IT solutions to meet every challenge.

Our accumulated expert knowledge and rich practical experience are reflected in Galaktika solutions each of which has been developed for implementation exactly in the specific business environment of Russia and the CIS.

Top Soft is both the developer and the supplier of its solutions. The personnel of the corporation consists of qualified specialists in the field of software development, IT consulting, IT system implementation and maintenance, and user training.

IT projects:

Integrated company management:
  • Galaktika ERP;
  • Galaktika Business Intelligence;

Special solutions:
  • Research and Development Working Management;
  • Preparing Production Management;
  • Final Product Assembly Management;
  • Uniform Registration Management;
  • Equipment Maintenance;
  • Real Estate Management;
  • Quality Management;
  • Consolidation and Excel-accounts Analysis;

Industrial solutions:
  • Galaktika Machinery;
  • Galaktika Building;
  • Galaktika Transport Management;
  • Educational Institution Management;
  • Food Industry;
  • Oil and Gas Industry;
  • Energy Supply Management.

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   Total Games Ltd. is a Belarusian company - game software developer. The company is founded in 2017 and specializes on the development of crossplatform game software for mobile devices using the technology of transaction blocks registry (blockchain), based on the principles of decentralization, publicity and security. The company uses C/C++, Android, iOS. Currently there are 10 employees in the company.                               

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Touchlane LLC is a company specializing in high-quality mobile software development. The products delivered by the company have been applied in various spheres: business, finance, sports, music, social networks and entertainment. The company deals with iOS, Android, Java, Swift, Objective-C, Python, C / C ++, C #, Javascript. The company was founded in 2014, currently possessing the staff of 12 employees. Since its founding, the company has cooperated with 17 foreign enterprises.

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LLC “TrackPod” is a domestic software development company. The company is established in 2018 and specializes in the development of the Track-POD product. LLC “TrackPod” is a development center.

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The company was registered in 2010. The company founder is TulaCo LLC, USA, which has several child companies in the USA, Russia and Ukraine. The company is focused on the custom development of information systems and their components in such areas as media, entertainment, real estate and internet advertisement. The company technology stack is Amazon AWS, Azure, .NET, Java, PHP, iOS, Android, JavaScript, SQL and others. The Company has offices in Minsk and Mogilev.

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Twistellar company - a Belarusian organization – software developer, official Salesforce partner. Founded in 2017, Twistellar focuses on developing applications and business automation projects on Salesforce platform for industrial, bank, retail, medicine, science, transport, media sectors. Technologies applied: APEX, Visualforce, Lightning, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Native JS, Angular.js, MEAN Stack, Python, JAVA etc. Currently 25 people are employed in Minsk. Twistellar is cooperating with world leading companies, working on US, European and Asian markets.

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The company develops software and hardware solutions in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency mining.

Key services:

- cryptocurrency mining

- building of data centers

- software for FPGA and GPU, bitstreams

- software for mining, pools, mining clients

- monitoring systems

- exchange and trading solutions

- intergration of software solutions into equipment

In 2018, the largest mining data center in Belarus was built in Minsk, ready to accommodate 6,000 GPU and FPGA. It contains the latest and most highly efficient engineering solutions.

UMCO's team consists of 8 employees who are capable of working with the latest tools required in the industry, such as Ethereum, Verilog/VHDL, ?+, Java, PHP and so on.

The company also pays much attention to its research and development activities aimed at the development of energy-efficient software and hardware systems.  

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The Belarusian company “Unic Lab” was founded in 2016. It is focused on hardware and software development of energy control and measurement automated systems as well as smart home systems.

The company uses


  1. Such operational systems as Windows, Linux, Android, Apple iOS;
  2. Such languages as C/C++, Python, Unix shell;
  3. Such environments as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, QT Creator, IAR ARM.


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