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Development of High-Quality Lithuanian Synthesis System Entitled Sakrament Lithuanian TTS Engine

Developer:  Sakrament IT  |  all projects

The main idea of the Project is to develop a qualitative speech synthesis system for the Lithuanian language because the existing TTS modules for Lithuanian do not satisfy the modern requirements. In order to solve the problem it was proposed to use the existing technologies of Sakrament in synthesis development sphere and to develop linguistic and phonetic modules for Lithuanian together with voice modules. During the implementation of the Project the following stages were followed: - Development of phonemic and allophone Lithuanian language structure suitable for TTS; - Text-to-phoneme and phoneme-to-allophone rules creation; - Words and sentences preparation with a full allophones set for speech database recording; - Selection of the speaker, test recording; - Speech database recording; - Manual segmentation of the speech database into a sequence of allophones; - Development of Lithuanian linguistic rules for TTS; - Software development of a Lithuanian text-to-phoneme block; - Software development of a Lithuanian phoneme-to-allophone block; - Development of allophone correction module software; - Software development of a Lithuanian word stress block; - Software development of a Lithuanian allophone-to-sound block; - Software development of a Lithuanian linguistic block; - Lithuanian TTS Engine development which is compatible with SAPI 5.1. The remarkable thing of the developed Sakrament TTS Engine is the possibility of easy creation of additional voice modules and easy adaptation to specific Customers' requirements. The Project resulted in it development of Sakrament Lithuanian TTS Engine for Win32 platform and compatible with SAPI 5.1.

Customer(-s): ZINIU AMZIUS Company, Lithuania

Target area

Programming languages: Visual C++

Technologies: Com

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