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Judicial Workflow Automation System

Developer:  SaM Solutions  |  all projects

As a far-reaching initiative to help the Bavarian Ministry of Justice to migrate from a legacy workflow automation system, Siemens Business Services decided to rely on SaM Solutions' pool of J2EE experts while keeping costs down. SaM Solutions was able to provide a large team of highly competent professionals and managed to scale according to the project's size. The developed software represents an advanced, full-featured system that provides complete support for the judicial workflow of Bavarian state courts.

The main objective of the project was to enhance the Bavarian e-Government-initiative for the citizen to be able to communicate on-line and to have an Internet access to the ultimate number of services, for instance to the land records, trade register as well as an opportunity to get acquainted with the Internet portal of the lands being insolvent. Most of the actual development was done near-shore. SaM additionally allocated a special on-site team at the customer's premises which was mainly responsible for communication with the offshore team, project coordination etc. The Judicial Workflow Automation System was implemented as a Java-based platform - an independent application with rich client functionality which provides the following features:

  • advanced workflow automation and support functionality;
  • transparent management of information related to courts, legislation, lawsuits, claimants, defendants and all relevant procedures as well as the costs incurred etc.; 
  • extensive search and report capabilities; 
  • real-time data sync and platform independence;
The system is currently utilized by the absolute majority of all Bavarian state attorneys daily.

Resources expended: More than 100 staff-months

Customer(-s): Siemens Business Services is an international leading IT service provider. The Siemens Group offers services along the IT service chain from a single source - ranging from consulting to systems integration and right to the management of IT infrastructures. With regard to outsourcing and IT maintenance Siemens Business Services is among the top ten IT providers worldwide.

Target area

Programming languages: Java, XML/XSLT

Technologies: Servlets, JBoss, EJB, Swing, Oracle 9i, RMI, JTA, Jiro

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