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Realtime Billing Subsystem for Telecommunications Services

Developer:  TCP-Soft  |  all projects

To ensure efficient competition in the market of telecommunications services modern service providers provide their subscribers with an increasingly diverse range of services and tariff options and implement more and more sophisticated operating algorithms in their intelligent switching platforms. With the increase in complexity of the services rendered to subscribers efficient and accurate service billing becomes a key priority. To ensure further business growth the Customer needed a unified billing system that could be used for several switching platforms while retaining the possibility of hot billing (billing of services in real time). A universal software interface for interaction between a softswitch and a billing system was developed in order to solve this problem. The designed software interface includes the following features: – Subscriber identification; – Determination of services available to the subscriber according to the subscriber's contract for purposes of selection of the service to be provided; – Determination of the most profitable way to provide the service selected by the subscriber; – Realtime billing of the service utilized; – Realtime notifications to the subscriber about the account balance and account depletion; – Enumeration of services that are simultaneously provided to the subscriber; – Recording of service provision results (including failed service attempts). This software interface was successfully implemented in an AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) subsystem that made it possible to improve the softswitch performance. In particular, the scalability of the hardware/software system was increased with regard to the number of the switching platforms that use the same billing system. Moreover alternative billing systems can now be used for billing of the provided services.

Target area

Programming languages: C++, SQL

Technologies: Oracle, Multithreading

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