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Integrated Information System for Accounting

Developer:  SOFTGARANTSERVICE  |  all projects

The system was developed according to Ministry of Finance Act (08.02.05 #15), demands and prescriptions from other valid normative documents and instructions on accounting in state institutions. It performs standard accounting methodology for state institutions according to Belarusian legal system. 

User uploads electronic documents in the system. Those documents are practically similar to basic documents, that accountant is using in everyday work. The programme automatically forms wirings, while saving the opportunity to automatically or manually upload necessary data and also control correctness of wirings. The programme automatically forms reports. 


Social Security Fund (Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Belarus)


Chief accountant of Social Security Fund (Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Belarus) Galina Evlash:
“We are using 1C:Accounting 7.7 programme for many years. In 2006 we have decided to start using ‘Accounting for Budgetary Institutions’ developed on ‘1C: Enterprise 7.7’ by specialists from SGS. Accounting methodology in this software corresponds to existing regulations and instructions on accounting for budgetary institutions in Belarus.

Specialists from SGS helped us to integrate new configuration of software and are helping now with maintenance of it. SGS team has proficient knowledge in accounting for budgetary institutions. That is why our cooperation is fruitful and comfortable for our employees.

SGS implements constant maintenance of software, user consulting and further revisions of software in case new legislative acts appear and also to widen functional capabilities of software in order to get new report forms.

The process of maintenance is well structured. We are working with one specialist, who effectively solves different problems and achieves planned goals.”

Target area

Programming languages: 1C V7.7

Technologies: XML

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