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Software for analysis, processing and simulation of data for multipurpose X-ray diffractometer

Developer:  Atomicus LLC  |  all projects

The software package is designed to work with a multipurpose X-ray diffractometer and it provides analysis, processing and simulation of X-ray data of different materials. In the software following X-ray spectrometry techniques are applied: high-resolution X-ray diffraction, powder diffractometry, X-ray reflectometry, X-ray residual stress analysis, texture analysis, small-angle X-ray scattering. A specially designed database of various substances and items are used for the analysis of materials. 

The spectrum of solving tasks – from scientific researches to quality control of materials and non-destructive testing of units and parts of the process equipment. 

The software is built with applying of flexible modular (plug-in) architecture, allowing users to buy only the necessary elements of the complex. The software package is easily adjusted for differentiated user levels (from simple operator performing routine measurements up to highly qualified scientist-researcher).


Target area

Programming languages: C#, C/C++, Fortran

Technologies: Microsoft Windows

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