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flespi is an innovative backend platform specially designed to work with telematics data and make it generally available. More to the point, it’s used to connect telematics hardware of any type to various BI and telematics systems providing unified data communication via REST API.

Designed as a PaaS backend, flespi combines maximum flexibility, speed, and adaptability for you to start using telematics data immediately. The service can receive and process data from almost any telematics device on the market regardless of the protocol and present the data as messages in a standardized JSON format. Unified messages are easily accessible and instantly ready-for-use in your software.

flespi is an innovative product by Gurtam, a company with more than 13 years of best software engineering practices in the area of GPS tracking.

We created flespi for

·        telematics software developers

flespi turns your hardware-specific system into hardware-independent by providing unified API for data communication. Try flespi now to stop asking customers the question, “which hardware do you use?”, as with flespi it no more matters.

·        telematics/IoT hardware developers

flespi offers instant hardware integration and even more. The platform makes the existing features of your hardware fully accessible via unified data communication and provides the room for future developments. flespi technology makes every new feature you release afterwards seamlessly available in all the software types you already work with.

·        BI developers

Hardware types, backend processes and data diversity no more matter if you are sure to get secure, evident, and real-time data subject to the logic of your business application.



Target area

Programming languages: Java, PL/SQL, C++, XML/HTML/XSLT

Technologies: Linux

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