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VPITransmissionMaker 9.0

Developer:  VPI Development Center  |  all projects

VPItransmissionMaker/VPIcomponentMaker consists of several subsystems:

  • Simulation Engine
  • Graphical User Interface(GUI)
  • Graphical interface Analyzer
The main target group of this project are product engineers, engineers and scientists of the research and development centers in the field of network systems, which are engaged in development , diagnostic and distribution of network systems.
Program products are responsible for the design automation in the following area:
1. Optical fiber communication systems based on WDM (Wavelength Domain Multiplexing) and OTDM (Optical Time Domain Multiplexing):
  • Long-haul and ultra long-haul communication systems;
  • High-capacity systems
  • Metro system networks.
2. Broadband Access systems and networks:
  • Hybrid Fiber Coaxial;
  • Services based on QAM SCM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation and Sub Carrier Modulation);
  • FFTx solutions;
  • Passive optical networks
  • Microwave Photonics
  • Radio-over-fiber(RoF)

Target area

Programming languages: C++, J2EE

Technologies: Com, XML, GDI+

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