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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Application

Developer:  XB Software  |  all projects

A warehouse and transportation management system for third-party logistics (3PL) companies that provide supply chain and logistics operations to another company. The app helps to make arrangements for shipments distribution, inventory management and timely delivery to the place of destination.


Webix JavaScript UI library was used as a framework of the future logistics app was selected. Webix was used to implement the system dashboards.

Key Features:

  1. Scheduling goods delivery and shipments aggregation;
  2. Barcode scanning;
  3. GPS tracking software tool;
  4. Tracking a goods delivery on the online map;
  5. System for inbound/outbound goods processing;
  6. Cargo snapshots to record damages;
  7. Cross-docking enablement;
  8. Warehouse KPI reports generation;
  9. Document management;
  10. Load planning;
  11. Shipping compliance management;
  12. Claims management;
  13. Carrier performance reporting.


The work resulted in a powerful cloud-based logistics and supply chain management application built in full compliance with customer needs. The system makes cargo transportation process simpler, more transparent and lowers time-costs for documents processing. It also raises operational efficiency and improves customer service. The logistics and supply chain management app provides cross-browser support and stable operations both on desktop and mobile devices.

Resources expended: 10,000 man/h


A multinational team with the head office in New York, USA that provides solutions to effectively handle the challenges in the logistics and cargo industries

Target area

Programming languages: C#, JavaScript, .NET

Technologies: MS SQL, MongoDB

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