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ERPVault: Automotive Parts Customer Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain Management Solution

Developer:  Andrey Bogomolov, S.P.  |  all projects

Auto parts logistics and supply business depends on critical factors of availability, final price, supply terms; logistics business model and infrastructure, real-time information on availability and order fulfillment status for customers, business process integration with suppliers, efficient use of ongoing business process monitoring tools. Completed: price list management and auto parts searching tools, multiple markup and markdown control system, business partners (customers and suppliers), orders and supply chain management subsystems. Solved technical challenge of 12+ million inventory items searching and order processing requirements under large number of simultaneously working users (mean system response time 0.12 sec using decent 1U server hardware), implemented HTTPS and SOAP-integration with key European suppliers. ERPVault Automotive Parts Customer Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain Management Solution increased economic efficiency of the company and opened the way for new market segments. The company increased its revenue by 3.55 times, reduced the average delivery time for 260 %, ensured transparency throughout the supply chain.

Customer(-s): Tolkon Limited (DHL and TLC trademarks local representative), a dynamic automotive parts distributor and import-export services company (logistics, consulting, multimodal transportation, customs clearance services) focused on Belarusian and Eastern Europe market.

Review(-s): "Successful project. Too many thanks for the developer for systematic approach, identifying business objects skills under the huge flow of information, exceptional knowledge of modern standards, deep understanding of practical implementation issues including the performance challenges; high level of personal involvement and initiative, meeting deadlines. We were surprised by scientific approach for software development process, SaaS form of the project which made it possible to implement on time an efficient solution for automotive parts customer order fulfillment and supply chain management ensuring close cooperation between the developer, our company staff and European suppliers." Jury Kinevich Director, Tolkon Limited

Target area

Programming languages: Java, PHP, SQL, bash

Technologies: Apache 2.0, Resin 3.1, MySQL, Linux

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