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ERPVault: Automotive Recycling ERP Solution

Developer:  Andrey Bogomolov, S.P.  |  all projects

Efficient car recycling business is based mainly on business process streamline including optimized vehicles selection, ordering, purchasing, dismantling and recycling, auto parts transportation, distribution throughout the supply chain, storage, informing the consumers on items availability in a timely manner, effective sales and refunds.
Classification and identification of dismantled auto parts is a challenge for an engineer and company sales specialist. Original spare parts coding and identification system is not applicable for the dismantled auto parts market because the precise definition of the code for each auto part dismantled is too much labor intensive.
During the project custom business objects classification and identification system was implemented; item registration, transportation, distribution throughout the supply chain, storage, informing consumers on inventory items availability, sales and refunds business processes were re-engineered.
ERPVault Automotive Recycling ERP Solution now handles critical tasks for cars and minibuses recycling business. Consumer support web-system integration and data export for the accounting system were implemented.
ERPVault Automotive Recycling ERP Solution improved the efficiency of in-stock inventory management and workflow by 5.3 times for 2008 (mean time to find and identify one in-stock item), decreased sales labor costs (average direct sales time spent is less for 50.4 hours per month per sales person), decreased the number of human errors in auto parts handling tasks. Improved the quality of client care and set a new standard of service in the sector.

Customer(-s): Autopriwos Limited. Leading car recycling company in the United Kingdom and Germany, importer and retail network operator in Belarus. In stock items include more than 80 000 auto parts. Employs more than 150 people.

Review(-s): "We are grateful to Andrey Bogomolov for the software development skills and ERPVault technologies used for business objects classification and the framework for continuous optimizing our critical business processes and operations. There was no any professional ERP solution for our sector in the market beforehand. We experienced a positive experience dealing with a professional developer who meets deadlines and foresees our future requirements. SaaS model helped us to mitigate our risks and cut costs by shifting out the substantial initial investment in software development and IT infrastructure; influenced knowledge sharing practices thus ensuring smooth implementation of the IT-system. We look forward to continued cooperation.”

Target area

Programming languages: Java, PHP, SQL, bash

Technologies: Apache 2.0, Resin 3.1, MySQL, Linux

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