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ERPVault: SEO ERP Solution

Developer:  Andrey Bogomolov, S.P.  |  all projects

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization business challenges business objects management due to the high level of uncertainty on the ranking factors and their specific weights, the variability of search engines algorithms, the restrictions imposed by search engines acceptable use policy, legal agreements, W3C standards, business ethics and customer satisfaction practices. In the course of the project the key business process was re-engineered and implemented including business objects re-classification; SEO-project targets planning and assessment automation, content distribution and analysis; content management systems XML/HTTPS integration and web analytics XML/POP3 integration. ERPVault SEO ERP Solution reduced the SEO reporting average time by 4.2 hours per project, helped to increase the number of clients SEO targets by 52% without staff increase, completed publications distribution process implementation, reduced human errors, accelerated the average SEO targets fulfillment time by 28% for 2008.

Customer(-s): Webcom Limited, one of the leading Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization companies for Russian Federation and Russian-speaking Internet market segment in Eastern Europe servicing more than 900 web projects, owner of 700+ web sites, monitoring and responsible for 10 000+ SEO targets. Official Yandex and Begun partner the largest content-targeted advertising companies in the Russian-speaking Internet segment.

Review(-s): For many years we have been using our in-house toolset for publications ranking, content distribution and analysis, as well as industrial systems for teamwork and project management automation based on Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Project. These systems include redundant functionality, while only partially solved our challenges and required too much staff to support them. In our constantly changing business processes and search ranking algorithms environment Andrey Bogomolov proposed methods and technology that enabled adaptive change management and power of control. The developer showed operational synergies with our staff, proactively identified and met the challenges of the SEO tools and business processes management, significantly reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO).Denis Guryev Director, Webcom Limited

Target area

Programming languages: Java, PHP, SQL, bash

Technologies: Apache 2.2, Resin 3.2, CentOS 5.2, MySQL, PostgreSQL

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