HTP Announced 2015 Results

Valery Tsepkalo, Director of Belarus Hi-Tech Park, announced HTP financial and operating results for 2015 during a press conference on March 21. He also pointed out HTP priorities for 2016 and answered reporters’ questions.

In 2015, the unpredictable global economy encouraged the Hi-Tech Park to focus on increasing production and export of software products.

Growth Rate

As of January 1, 2016, production and sales revenue of the HTP resident-companies increased by 1.8 percent and amounted to BYR 12.58 trillion, the growth rate over 2014 being 119 percent.

TOP-10 HTP Resident-Companies by Sales

1. EPAM Systems
2. Game Stream
3. IBA IT Park
4. Itransition
5. Exadel
6. iTechArt Group
7. ISsoft Solutions
8. Sberbank Technology
9. ScienceSoft
10. System Technologies

Software and IT Services Exports

With a record slowdown challenging the global IT industry, spending on IT services being reduced and the software market volume decresing, HTP resident-companies managed to keep, expand and diverse their market shares.

In 2015, HTP companies entered markets of 6 new countries: South Africa, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

HTP exports of software and IT services increased by 21 percent and totaled USD 705.6 mln.

The share of exports in the HTP total production came to 91.5 percent.

TOP-10 Exporters

1. EPAM Systems
2. Game Stream
3. IBA IT Park
4. Itransition
5. Exadel
6. iTechArt Group
7. ISsoft Solutions
8. ScienceSoft
9. Sberbank Technology
10. IBA Gomel Park

The HTP resident-companies provide services for customers from 61 countries. 46.7% of exports accounts for Western Europe, 40.2% – for the USA, and 10.7% – for the CIS countries.

TOP-10 HTP Importers

1. USA
2. Russia
3. Great Britain
4. Germany
5. Finland
6. Ireland
7. Netherlands
8. Switzerland
9. Israel
10. South Korea

Domestic Market

HTP domestic sales reached BYR 1.07 trillion. The growth rate over 2014 is 127.6 percent.

TOP-10 Suppliers to Belarusian Market

1. System Technologies
2. SOFTCLUB Development Center
3. IBA IT Park
4. Sberbank Technology
5. Light Well Organization
6. Humen Systems
7. Avest
8. Mapsoft
9. Intelligent Systems
10. Managing Company of Novacom Group Holding

Foreign Investments

In 2015, the Hi-Tech Park attracted USD 145.3 million of foreign direct investments which exceeds foreign investments in 2014 by USD 25 million.

Hi-Tech Park Resident-Companies

Currently, there are 152 companies registered in the Hi-Tech Park.

By the type of investment, 62 HTP resident-companies (41 percent) were established by Belarusian investors, 54 companies (35 percent) were set up by foreign investors, and 36 companies (24 percent) are joint.

As of January 1, 2016, the total number of HTP employees is 24,037. In 2015, 3,042 people were hired.

TOP-10 HTP Residents by Number of Employees:

1. EPAM Systems
2. Game Stream
3. IBA IT Park
4. Itransition
5. ISsoft Solutions
6. Exadel
7. iTechArt Group
8. System Technologies
9. Sberbank Technology
10. BelHard Development
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