Day of Knowledge at HTP Attracted Over 3,500 Belarusian School Students

Traditionally in the first week of September, the Hi-Tech Park conducts a series of career guidance events for high school students across the country. It is the 4th time when throughout the Day of Knowledge at HTP Belarusian high school students have the opportunity to meet representatives of the HTP Administration, IT-companies and universities and learn about the benefits of technical education and the prospects it offers.

This year, it was an unprecedentedly huge celebration: activities involving representatives of the HTP Administration were held in Minsk, Brest, Gomel, Vitebsk, Bobruisk, Orsha, Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Grodno and Volkovysk. More than 3,500 Belarusian students participated. The central goal of the career guidance meetings conducted by the HTP is to help high school students find the right approaches to choosing a future profession. University entrance competition and education costs, as well as stereotypes and popularity of a particular department are often considered major, but wrong, choice criteria.

By the way, according to the 2013 entrance campaign, technical education is becoming increasingly popular, while passing scores are becoming higher. This year, for example, an average passing score for IT programs exceeded 356 points at BSUIR (Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks), 350 points at BSU (Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science), 319 points at BSUIR (Faculty of Information Technologies and Control), which is 10-12% higher than the passing scores in 2012. However, one should not be afraid of difficulties, as high passing scores just prove that high school students have become more responsible about final examinations at school, university entrance exams and a choice of future profession.

In Minsk the HTP Administration received guests from the BSU Lyceum. Throughout the Day of Knowledge the students had the opportunity to learn about the activities of the Hi-Tech Park, its residents and programs. The high school students got competent answers to their questions about what professionals are demanded most by the HTP resident-companies, how to get an interesting, prospective and well-paying job at the HTP. Thanks to the hospitality of the resident companies that agreed to arrange excursions, the students could see how the successful Belarusian IT-companies operates.

"When choosing a career a young person runs a risk of screwing up because of little experience in making difficult decisions, and lack of information about a future job. We tried to tell the high school students about the benefits of an IT-career (creative atmosphere, great demand, high wages, possibilities of further growth and professional development, the international character of the activity, etc.), as well as the necessary approaches to evaluating the opportunities of a particular profession. It is easy to estimate the current demand and wages by using specialized job search websites, which requires only to choose Information Technology or any other sphere of acivity (for comparison). It is also necessary to look into the future and understand what skills, knowledge, and professionals will be in demand in the labor market in 5 or 10 years. It is no secret that with the rapid development of technology a number of professions will disappear soon. At the same time, demand for IT professionals worldwide is growing. Belarusian IT industry is no exception. According to the HTP experts the most sought-after professions in 2018 will be as follows: software engineers, mathematicians, which together will have 60% of the demand, as well as systems engineers (14%) and IT engineers (9%)," said Yuri Derevianko, Head of the Marketing and Development Department of the HTP Administration.

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