Interactive educational app for children from Hi-Tech Park resident

14 June 2024

"Rasskazki" is a new children's app that is redefining the 21st century approach to children's books. It was installed over 12,000 times in the first week after the release on the App Store and Google Play!

AG Softworks, the Hi-Tech Park resident, offers an alternative to classic children's literature. Belarusian developers have released a unique children's product "Rasskazki", in which they have created a new format of children's books, preserving the love for all world-famous fairy tales. The stories are in the form of an interactive book with mini-games, story selection and Disney animation.

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"Rasskazki" is not only a new product for children, but also a whole concept. It is a virtual library of stories to help children learn to read. In "Rasskazki" there is no linear narrative: the story line offers choices, turning the child from a passive reader into an active participant of the tale. The app combines classic stories and new technologies, incorporating educational mini-games approved by practicing child psychologists.


- We believe that useful things can be interesting. Our fairy tales will help your children learn to read, develop logical thinking and artistic taste. We are proud of the fact that each fairy tale is created by real professionals: developers, scriptwriters, illustrators. This is a real Belarusian product developed with love. Our team treats all children as our own! - Anna Goluzova, the director of the company, comments. - Many of our team have always dreamed of making a contribution to the future of our children, the Belarusians. That's how "Rasskazki" came into being. Did I mention that one of our fairy tales is voiced by Pryani from Shrek?

The application provides safe and quality pastime for children: there are no malicious ads. The content is approved by psychologists. It also promotes the development of imagination, logic, perception and analytical skills in children.

The Storytelling team announces the release of a new tale every month. In June it’s "Detective Agency Eyes and Paws". The release is timed to coincide with the career fair for the youngest children.

"Rasskazki" invites everyone to plunge into the world of fascinating and interactive fairy tales, which have become a symbol of a new era of children's literature.

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