IBA IT Park Presented New Computers to IT Academies NOTA and Steps

IBA IT Park Presented New Computers to IT Academies NOTA and Steps
6 January 2016
6 January 2016
Created with the support of the Hi-Tech Park, the city digital center NOTA in Novopolotsk and the IT academy Steps in Lida received a perfect New Year gift from the HTP resident company IBA IT Park – 20 sets of computer equipment.

Sergei Akoulich, CEO at IBA IT Park: "We have supported and will support initiatives of the HTP administration aimed at providing opportunities for students and teachers to use modern IT. Giving school students an opportunity to plunge into the world of IT is our conscious investment in the future development of information technology and informatization in Belarus."

A set of computer equipment includes a computer case, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. Computers employ Intel dual-core processors.

Established in 2010, the digital center NOTA introduces new computer technology to school students and teachers and adults. In 2015, over 200 students completed 12 training courses in the center, more than 500 teachers increased their level of computer literacy, and 2,500 school children took part in IT competitions and contests organized by the center. Since September 2015, NOTA has become the educational platform for the city project The Golden Age Institute focused on promoting the use of Internet in everyday life among the older generation.

About 800 people of different age groups received training in the IT academy Steps during the first 13 months since its establishment. The academy is actively working with school students by providing several educational courses on programming in several languages, including a course in computer graphics and computer design, the course The World of IT professions for teenagers, a special course for younger school children, etc.

There are also computer courses for adults new to IT and educators – to help them introduce advanced technologies into the educational process.

Currently, each center is working on encouraging young people to get technical education. It is planned to launch courses on robotics and Scratch programming.

Almost since its establishment in 1993, IBA IT Park, a development center of IBA Group, has actively cooperated with universities providing IT education and other educational institutions promoting information technology. IBA IT Park helps to create training laboratories and competency centers, assists in training students and provides sponsorship.

"Today, the Belarusian information technology is the brand recognizable in the world. It is one of the few industries that, while exporting its products and services all over the world, has managed to maintain production volume and growth despite the crisis in the global economy. Supporting the development and promotion of the IT industry is a part of the mission of our company. Active cooperation between IT companies and specialized educational institutions provides future IT professionals an opportunity to learn advanced software products and world-class technology today. It is of great significance, and IBA Group is interested in this process. That is why we help future IT professionals to acquire professional knowledge and skills," noted Sergei Akoulich.

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