Finalists of the National Contest Programming in Scratch Announced

Finalists of the National Contest Programming in Scratch Announced
18 April 2016
18 April 2016

Judges of the national contest Programming in Scratch determined finalists.

The World of Animation Category

  • Project ”Granny's Grandpa“
Olga Krasiukova, Grade 2, Minsk
  • Project ”Gobo Travelling“
Konstantin Prikhod, Grade 5, the village of Volchin, Kamenets District
  • Project ”Little Cloud“
Alexey Churgel, Grade 4, Novopolotsk
  • Project ”Happy Birthday“
Anna Molochko, Grade 3, Minsk
  • Project ”Peppa in the Park…“
Igor Shmygalev, Grade 3, Gomel
  • Project ”Mayonnaise“
Jacob Lyakhovich, Grade 3, Mogilev
  • Project ”Bicycle“
Jan Frantskevich, Grade 4, Minsk
  • Project ”Wordplay“
Konstantin Ashvilov, Grade 2, Lida

The Quest Game Category

  • Project ”Masha is Going to Granny“
Alexander Averko, Grade 9, Shchuchyn
  • Project for Kids ”Cleaning the House with Alina“
Diana Lagodich, Grade 6, Grodno
  • Project ”Logic Ninja“
Vladimir Kosiakov, Grade 7, Mogilev
  • Project ”Byteland“
Egor Koleda, Grade 8, Minsk
  • Project ”Ivan Tsarevich and the Golden Apples“
Alexander Cherniavsky, Grade 7, Orsha
  • Project ”Visiting Princess“
Grigory Ababurko, Grade 6, Minsk
  • Project ”To Go to School“
Alexey Losev, Grade 8, Gomel
  • Project ”Little Fox“
Ilya Zhiletskikh, Grade 7, Orsha

Educational Project in Scratch

  • Project ”Save the Water!“
Christopher Robert Gerasimovich, Grade 5, Novopolotsk
  • Project ”Words to Remember“
Tatiana Sadovskaya, Grade 6, Grodno
  • Project ”PC Units“
Victoria Nekrasova, Grade 6, Grodno
  • Project ”How to Spell Substantives“
Andrey Krasitsky, Grade 8, Novopolotsk
  • Project ”Timeline“
Alexander Khristenko, Grade 8, Baran
  • Educational Project on the Academic Subject ”The Man and the World“
Pavel Sleptsov, Grade 8, Orsha
  • Project ”Learning How to Program with Scratchy Kitten“
Egor Anisevich, Grade 5, Brest
  • Project ”What Do You Know About Belarus? Quiz“
Victor Yakubenok, Grade 8, Glubokoe

The finals, including open presentation of projects, will be conducted in Orsha, Vitebsk Region on April 23, 2016.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.