QA issues discussed in HTP

5 June 2009

QA issues were discussed during the conference "Software Quality - Key Success Factor for IT in Belarus" on June, 5 in HTP Belarus Administration. The conference was arranged with the assistance of HTP Belarus and the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI), Germany.

Software systems are omnipresent. It is not infrequent that the life of people depends on the reliable functioning of the programs; a point in case is medical technology or security systems. Professional verifying and testing of software therefore becomes an increasingly important task which requires well-founded education.

During the conference Yaron Tsubery, President of the International Software Testing and Qualification Board, Jose Diaz Delgado, President of the Spanish Testing Board, and Stephan Goericke, Director of the International Software Quality Institute, showed presentations and answered various questions.

Among the participants of the conference were QA specialists, Programmers, Testers, Project Managers, Presidents and HR-managers of HTP resident-companies.

The event was concluded with a round table discussion on the issues of integration of international standards and experience in the development process of HTP resident-companies.