First ScienceHit in HTP

First ScienceHit in HTP
22 September 2016
22 September 2016

On September 16, the HTP business incubator hosted ScienceHit, the first contest in Belarus in the form of science slam which has become very popular around the world. The idea is that scientists explain the essence of their research in an engaging and clear way to a non-expert audience, and the audience learns about current science.

Major objectives of the project are to create a community of scientists who are truly interested in science popularization, and give an opportunity to the public to get acquainted with the unique research and technology of Belarusian scientists.

Eight young scientists participated in ScienceHit. The majority of the projects were devoted to healthcare issues. Each speaker had 10 minutes to demonstrate the project avoiding traditional presentations, but using any means at hand instead, and then answer questions from the audience.

Over 200 came to the HTP business incubator to support young scientists.

The first bout was held between Andrei Beloveshkin, a doctor, PhD, and Siarhei Besarab, Senior Research Scientist at the Institute of General and Inorganic chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Belarus and Republican Research and Practical Center for Pediatric Surgery. Andrei explained how to prevent emotional exhaustion, resolve the want-should conflict. Siarhei showed how cardio hydrogel help the human heart without surgery.

The second bout featured performances of Olga Krukowskaya, Researcher at the Laboratory of Transboundary Pollution and Climatology of the Institute for Nature Management of NAS of Belarus, who spoke about harmful emissions into the atmosphere of the city, and Maxim Rodzkin, Junior Researcher at the Laboratory of Cytoplasmic Inheritance of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of NAS of Belarus, who demonstrated new approaches to hepatitis C treatment.

In the third bout, Yuri Kornoushenko, Research Associate at the Laboratory of Protein Engineering of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of NAS of Belarus, focused on computer simulation techniques in drug design, and Aliaksandra Skarabahatava, PhD, Research Fellow at the Institute of Medical Biophysics Laboratory of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of NAS of Belarus, explained what microelementology is and how it will change medicine in the future.

In the final bout, the audience learned why the price for the same hotel room may differ when listening to Andrei Bandalouski, Researcher at the Laboratory of Mathematical Cybernetics of the United Institute of Informatics Problems of NAS of Belarus, and how to turn waste into energy which was explained by Aliaksandr Biahliak, Lecturer at the Power Engineering Faculty of the Belarusian National Technical University and Senior Process Engineer at Energopro.

Then the audience voted for the winner in each bout. They are Andrei Beloveshkin, Maxim Rodzkin, Aliaksandra Skarabahatava, and Aliaksandr Biahliak. Maxim Rodzkin was named the absolute champion of ScientificHit.

The next round is to be held in November.

For reference:
ScienceHitwas organized with the support of the Council of Young Scientists of NAS of Belarus, the Central Scientific Library of NAS of Belarus, EPAM Systems, EPAM Garage, and the Hi-Tech Park.

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