#IT_link Winners Announced!

#IT_link Winners Announced!
24 May 2017
24 May 2017

428 school students of grades 1-9 from all regions of Belarus submitted their projects for the contest #IT_link. We received 247 drawings depicting theWorld of IT Careers, 87 video projects presenting theIT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, and 94 projects aboutCareers in IT. The judges have started their work.

The Hi-Tech Park thanks all the students, their teachers and parents for their enthusiasm and participation!

We congratulate the winners and invite them to the award ceremony to be heldin the HTP business incubator at 11 a.m.on May 26, 2017.

World of IT Careers Winners

I Degree Diploma

Maria Neverko, drawing "Bug Detected!"

Ksenia Krasnova,drawing "Robot Designer"

Alexandra Polyakova,drawing "My Future Profession"

II Degree Diploma

Anastasia Kanapelko,drawing "Who Dwells in the Creative Process, Will Learn to Imagine"

Anna Ustinova,drawing "I, 3D Animator"

Anna Demchikhina,drawing "Family Programming"

III Degree Diploma

Ekaterina Bondareva,drawing "Programmer Is a Profession of the Future"

Denis Romanenko,drawing "Game Designer Will Help to Relax"

Lubov Ursu,drawing "My Robot and I"

Varvara Kleshnyak, drawing "Animator"

Polina Matskevich,drawing "The Team"

Diploma for Creative Idea

Alexei Litvintsev,drawing "Virtual World of a Game Designer"

Anastasia Sinyak, drawing "On the Way to Progress"

Ilya Skrebnev,drawing "Window of the World"

IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Winners

Grades 3-4

I Degree Diploma

Polina Bogush,video "Computer and Time"

Ilya Polyak,video "IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" Episode 1 "Development of Calculation"

II Degree Diploma

Kirill Berkutov,video "IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Bogdan Lunkov,video "The Future Cannot Be Foreseen But Can Be Invented!"

III Degree Diploma

Sofia Krivosheeva,video "IT is Our Life"

Maria Izbavitel,video "IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Fedor Stankevich,video "IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Diploma for Creative Idea

Ilya Mikhnevich,video "Karlsson plus"

Gleb Salko,video "Information Technologies are Developing With Us"


Grades 5-6

I Degree Diploma

Denis Drak,video "IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Bogdan Shakh,video "IT Back and to the Future"

II Degree Diploma

Egor Dudkin, video "Information Technology Development History"

Evelina Shuran,video "IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

III Degree Diploma

Victoria Ignatchik,video "IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Diploma for Creative Idea

Kirill Shishlo,video "IT in Classes Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Maxim Muraveiko,video "IT Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Career in ITWinners

I Degree Diploma

Anna Leonenko,project "Travelling Into the World of IT Careers"

Margarita Kachan,project "Technical Writer"

II Degree Diploma

Maxim Eroshevsky,project "Software Tester"

Artem Kulik,project "Game Designer"

III Degree Diploma

Evgeny Osadchev,project "Computer Game Developer"

Alexander Khristenko,project "IT Career, or The Way of the Programmer"

Diploma for Creative Idea

Pavel Sankin, project "The Catch In Happiness and Career Choice"

Yana Konovalova,project "Memory Book of the Vetka District"

Artem Ulanovich,project "FindTheBox"

Dmitry Bujvid,project "Earth's Future Is In Our Hands"

Nikolai Makaronok,project "Shares Consider"

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.