First Science Hackathon Held in HTP

First Science Hackathon Held in HTP
5 June 2017
5 June 2017

On June 2-3, the Hi-Tech Park hosted the first in Belarus science hackathon to bring together IT professionals and researchers to develop innovative and useful solutions in such areas as health care, genetics, and chemistry. The participants prepared for the event during weekly meetups. They studied TRIZ (a problem solving methodology based on logic, data, and research) and service design, learned how to present their projects, conduct research and competitor analysis, and examined typical mistakes startups make.

Over 300 people attended the hackathon. The participants created 11 projects for two days.

Throw it Now!project received People's Choice award.PsychoPharmaGenwas named the third best, and Mimicabecame the second best.Plasmona mobile spectrometer was announced the winner of the hackathon.

About the projects:

Plasmona (#1)is a convenient mobile spectrometer which enables to carry out a quick analysis of drug concentration in the blood.

Mimica (#2)is an app for patients with facial paralysis to perform special exercises. Video is streamed to the doctor to make corrections in the treatment.

PsychoPharmaGen (#3)is a service helping to choose the right treatment for mental disorders considering individual peculiarities of the patients.

Throw it Now! (People's Choice)is a health care technology which allows assessing lung cancer risk factors. According to the team, the technology is used in N.N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre of Belarus.

Equidus is a balance training device which, when synchronized with a smartphone, shows how to do exercises. As a result, it composes an individual training program.

Substance quality analyzer is a sensor determining the degree of completeness of the reaction in a liquid medium. The sensor allows, for example, assessing the quality of water.

HyperEyeis a project for spectral imaging on mobile devices. The application may assess the quality of food and measure blood pressure.

Neurotrackeris a device for recording electrical activity of the brain.

Hanami is a project aimed at improving root vegetables breeding.

AutoGeneis an artificial gene synthesis system. The system helps patients with genetic diseases and may be used to create new drugs.

Docstersis a program allowing classifying people by types of metabolism.

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