Alexander Lukashenko: "Belarus Will Continue Creating Favorable Conditions For The Companies In IT Sphere"

Alexander Lukashenko: "Belarus Will Continue Creating Favorable Conditions For The Companies In IT Sphere"
18 November 2010
18 November 2010

”Belarus will continue creating favorable conditions for the companies in IT-sphere“ — declared the President while visiting Hi-Tech Park on November 18th , 2010.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, creation of HTP is required in the first place for providing an opportunity for self-fulfillment for Belarusians, who work in this sphere.

In the office of HTP resident EPAM Systems Alexander Lukashenko had a conversation with the Belarusian and American managers of the company. Today the world-leading brands are using the software programs developed at this company.

Arkady Dobkin, Chairman of the Board for EPAM, stressed that the decision about becoming HTP’s resident was greatly influenced by the attractive conditions, created by the government for IT-companies. Several options for investing have been considered initially. However in the end the company focused on business in Belarus.

Among the reasons for that Dobkin also mentioned the good quality of knowledge of the Belarusian technical universities graduates. ”A substantial basis for training such specialists remained in Belarus since the Soviet times. The quality of education is good n Belarus. Belarusian graduates have no feeling of inferiority towards graduates from Harvard or other famous Universities.“, - noted Dobkin.

At the same time, according to Dobkin, there are 200 job vacances in the company and no candidates to fill them – not enough highly-qualified professionals.

In this regard the President said that Belarusian universities will increase admission to technical faculties: ”We will increase the number of students, required at the Hi-Tech park“.

At System Technologies office, the HTP resident-company, the President personally has acquainted with young developers, people, who move the IT-industry in the country now. They told the President about the projects they are working on at present.

In turn, Alexander Lukashenko inquired about conditions for work and rest, as well as fringe benefits and social package for HTP staff. The President pointed out that in addition to administrative and office buildings in the HTP territory housing and social infrastructure should be built.

The Head of the State got acquainted with HTP resident-companies software solutions. The President was presented the satellite navigation system, integrated into one whole U.S. and Russian systems, the National Hockey League portal, i-phone applications, new solutions for video surveillance systems and e-commerce.

The President was briefed on HTP building project realization. Investor has failed in its commitments on the timing and construction volume and now city officials jointly with the HTP administration will carry out the basic functions on design and construction. The President Alexander Lukashenko instructed to complete the HTP construction in Minsk by the end of 2013.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.