OSTIS Сonference in HTP

OSTIS Сonference in HTP
16 February 2018
16 February 2018

On the 16th of February HTP held the 2nd day of annual international scientific and technical conference OSTIS-2018 (Open Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Systems).

Larisa Globa (DScTech, Professor, Kiev) became the first speaker. She told about processing and presentation of the large data and gave information about IoT-network.

After that Sergei Vityaz (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Minsk) and Anastasia Gubarevich (Postgraduate of the Intellectual information technologies department of BSUIR. Minsk) provided information about the approach to the formalization of historical knowledge on the basis of historical sources that have variability, incompleteness and unreliability of knowledge.

The next two papers dealt with processing of texts in natural language. These reports were provided by Igor Boiko (Doctor of Science, Senior scientist, Minsk) and Anastasia Gubarevich. They told the audience about the acquisition of knowledge based on natural language texts. Also, Vadim Zakhariev (Doctor of Science, Minsk) presented information about elimination of speech ambiguities on the basis of semantic-acoustic analysis.

Lukashevich Marina Mihailovna (Doctor of Science, Minsk) represented information about detection of speed limit signs.

After lunch Lyudmila Massel (DScTech, Professor) and Alexey Massel (Doctor of Science) from Irkutsk delivered a report about ontological modeling and situational management.

Vladimir Golovko (DScTech, Professor, Brest) was the next who took part in the conference. He provided information about integration of neural networks with knowledge bases.

The representative of JSC “Savushkin Product” told about a project which was created in collaboration with Intellectual information technologies department of BSUIR. This joint project was about Industry 4.0 enterprise of prescription production

Alexander Erofeev (Doctor of Science, Senior Lecturer) from Gomel reported about the intellectual management in the system of organization of transportations in railway transport.

Alexey Kayeshko (Minsk) and Alexander Kazakov (Minsk) proposed principles of designing systems and told how to support information and analysis activities based on OSTIS technology.

Evgeny Rulko and Vasily Buloychik (Minsk) provided to the audience information about the reproduction of management activities in the system of simulation of military operations.

Vladimir Rostovtsev (Holder of post-doctoral degree in medicine, Professor, Minsk) spoke about the principles of building OSTIS-systems of automatic diagnostics on the basis of semantic networks with the set-theoretic interpretation.

Vladimir Khoroshevsky (DScTech, Professor, Moscow) and Irina Efimenko (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Senior Lecturer) represented information about the analytical biotechnology tools.

Before the round table the floor was given to the representatives of the IT-companies. Gennady Reznikov, Maxim Markevich, Pavel Kozlov, Roman Serdyukov, Vladimir Shidlovsky, Vitaliy Nikulenko and Igor Mamonenko shared their experience in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence, interaction of scientific institutions and business in the Republic of Belarus.

At the end of the 2nd day, a round table was held and the participants discussed «problems and directions of applied developments in the field of artificial intelligence».

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.