The Computer Game, Developed by HTP Resident Company Game Stream is in the Guinness Book of World Records

24 February 2011

Action-MMO World of Tanks is now officially the most visited game cluster.

Action-MMO World of Tanks has joined the Guinness book of World Records, having set up a new world record in number of players on one game server simultaneously. The record in the category Most players online Simultaneously on one MMO server was registered on January 23, 2011 and totaled 91,311 gamers. 

The significant achievement of World of Tanks will be included in a new "Gamer's Edition"

"Actually we regret that we have applied for entering Guinness book of World Records that early – says Nikolay Nebyshinets, Marketing, Advertising and PR Deputy Director of Game Stream Company, - we should have waited couple of weeks and the recorded online top point would have reached more than 120,000 gamers".

Game Stream Company would like to thank all its employees for their efforts made to forward the project as well as numerous members of World of Tanks community without the help of which this project could never be realized.

About World of Tanks
World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online action featuring PvP tank battles, which demand some planning skills and teamwork from the players. Over 150 of Soviet, German and American tank models are presented in the game, and global map provides lots of fabulous opportunities for the fans of female cluster gameplay. Fascinating and captivating combination of action and colossal tank battles feature all elements of real blockbuster. Superb graphics allow to indulge oneself in vigorous fights in battle-fields. 

Custom features 
-Huge tank park: more than 70 models of armored vehicles from legendary World War II vehicles to experimental prototypes. 

-Massive tank battles: shoulder to shoulder to his partners a player will become a participant of tough fights, demanding well coordinated teamwork and advanced tactical thinking 

-Straight to the action: no tiresome unit power leveling – crew tailoring and access to new tanks are available right during the short PvP battles. 

-Tank division of the world: fans of rough clan rivalry are guaranteed to get some drive.

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