Golden Byte 2010 – Oscar for IT Companies

5 April 2011

The festive award ceremony of Golden Byte – the first professional award of the excellence of IT industry companies – will take place on April 13, 2011 in Minsk.

The professional competition Golden Byte 2010 will be held in the Republic of Belarus for the first time.

Alexander Martinkevich, Deputy Director of Hi-Tech Park Belarus:
“The idea of running such competition for IT companies didn’t appear all of a sudden. Owing to the government support, the software development sector is rapidly advancing in our country. Currently about 10,000 people are employed in HTP. Summarizing the results of software production volume in 2010 shows the 46% growth”. 

That is why one of the aims pursued by Golden Byte is to further encourage those IT companies which have already reached high levels of production. We hope that holding this ceremony annually will inspire our IT companies to implement modern IT solutions at the local enterprises, to further the export-oriented software production and to attract foreign investments to the sector. 

Following the results of the first professional competition Golden Byte the leaders of Belarusian software and IT solutions development market in 2010 will be announced in five nominations:

1. The best solutions deliverer for Belarusian market
2. The best exporter of HTP
3. The best foreign development centre
4. The best employer (creation of jobs)
5. The best producer (the highest productive efficiency)

Among the contestants there are 94 Belarusian IT companies employed in software and IT production. The winners will receive the award – Golden Byte – a specially designed commemorative statuette. 

The award ceremony will take place in the hotel Minsk.

The general partner is Priorbank.

Partner support was provided by Microsoft and Cisco SystemsTurkish airlinesEtihad AirwaysSoftline and Bely Terem companies and portal. 

Media sponsors of the event are Belarusian Telegraph Agency, Belarusian portal TUT.BY and Research and Practice magazine ITBel.

During the award ceremony “Golden Byte 2010” the winners of the “Best IT Companies to Work For in Belarus” competition organized by portal in March 2011 supported by the scientific and technology association INFOPARK will be announced. 

Today specialists of Belarusian software industry bear the most significant value. In order to provide the most favorable work environment and professional growth opportunities to the specialists, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions and first of all within the companies the professionals are working for. Many companies are trying to create and are creating such conditions. But for the managers of the companies to be able to see what they have achieved already they should be able to compare their results with the results of their colleagues. 

Event partner of the award ceremony Golden Byte 2010 is ARTMIX Events Company, one of the leading companies of Belarusian event market specializing in organizing major creative projects. High professionalism and profound experience of ARTMIX Events Company always guarantees the highest level of the event should it be logistics or creativity.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.