Apalon has released a new free app Kazki dedicated to the Belarusian culture

20 May 2019

Belarusian company Apalon – developer of mobile applications for the App Store and Google Play, part of the American Mosaic Group – has released a new free app Kazki allowing users to listen to the authentic Belarusian folklore tales.

Kazki is a non-profit project dedicated to the Belarusian folk tales and aimed to draw attention to the Belarusian history and authentic culture.

The folk tales featured in this unique project come from different parts of Belarus and reflect the real life of ancestors, which is amazingly reminiscent of modern reality. With this project, the company emphasizes the significance of the Belarusian verbal folk art for the Belarusian culture and people.

These tales are a part of the collection by the Belarusian musician Oleg Khomenko, who’s been gathering those for 20 years. Together with his fellow musicians from the folk-modern Palac band, Oleg Khomenko recorded audio versions of 53 tales. Stories are combined into categories: «Magic Tales», «Tales about Animals»,«Fascinating Tales», «Tales about Life», «Witty Tales» and «About the Soldier-Doctor».

Apalon has made the app completely free and available both for iOS and Android users.

The company plans to continue supporting the app in the future and updating to the existing library of tales.

«New time requires a new form, so a mobile app seems to be the perfect solution that will provide the Belarusians around the world an opportunity to learn about their history and their culture, get back to their roots», — Andrew Zalatar, Project Producer.

«A nation's stories are often the foundation of its ethos and identity, and the people of Belarus have an incredibly rich historical tapestry from which to be inspired and proud. I'm humbled to have been a (small) part of the amazing team that brought the Kazki app to market, and I – and all of Apalon – are thrilled to contribute this small piece that sits at the intersection of technology, culture and history, to the ever-growing story that is the nation of Belarus» – Zachary Roseman, General Manager Apalon.

«It will be great if the Belarusian IT community picks up this initiative on non-commercial projects aimed at preservation and support of the Belarusian language and cultural heritage. There are plenty of great ideas around that can be brought to life», — said Oleg Sosna, Head of Product Apalon.

The app can be downloaded at:

App Store:

Google Play: 

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.