Arkadiy Dobkin: "Belarus is Quite Competitive in Software Development"

4 May 2011

Hi-Tech Park has become a co-organizer of the Third International Forum of software developers SEF.BY-2011, which will be held May 19-20 in Minsk. Among the partners of the event there are HTP resident-companies: EPAM Systems (Platinum partner), Itransition (General partner) and Exigen Services (Partner). In the run-up to the Forum the President and the Chairman of the EPAM Systems Board of Directors, Arkadiy Dobkin (A.D.) shares his vision of the current condition and future development trends of Belarusian software industry.

In your opinion is today a favorable time for Belarusian IT industry or not really?

: I think it is. On a world, global scale there is a demand for qualified specialists in many fields, but first of all in the software development field. Thus, from this point of view time is good and has been that for quite a while. What ever the disputes are, I reckon that all the conditions necessary to help the industry have been created in Belarus.

When one thinks that one is late, one might as well do nothing – that’s a good excuse for oneself. In global industry all people, all companies, all countries have their own problems. You shouldn’t think that in India, China or America hasn’t got any. As soon as you go deeper in a certain field and make conclusions based not on somebody else’s opinion, but when you have an opportunity to feel what’s going on in the other part of the world, you understand that everybody has problems. Belarus just like anybody else should go ahead without looking around. That is to say that of course there are fields that Belarus will never catch up with whoever. But as for the software development we are quite a competitive country.

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