The Best System Administrators of Belarus Are Defined

3 June 2011

Following the final of the Open Belarusian Championship on System Administration AdminChallenge 2011, which took place on June 3rd, 2011 in HTP educational center, the winners were defined in two categories. Nikolay Prokopenko became ”The Best Cisco System Administrator“, and Alexey Sazonov is ”The Best System Administrator Microsoft“. 

Alexey Sazonov:
"When registering for the Championship I wanted to test myself because I’ve been working in the field not so long. The victory in Adminchallenge 2011 raised my self-esteem as a specialist. The tasks were challenging and lots of what was to be done during the tests is a part of my everyday work. However during the championship I have learnt a lot. I’m going to participate in other similar contests".

"System administrator is a specialist who can work in any conditions, - points out Alexey. – The one who can configurate super complicated computing nets and systems. And sometimes he even performs miracles. A popular held stereotype of a system administrator as a man with a tambourine, a shaman – is almost true. By the way I do have a tambourine".

When asked what the victory in Championship gave him, Nikolay Prokopenko answered that it is always nice to be the first. His success will be rewarded with a bonus at work. He advised to all the future participants of the Championship start learning and studying.

The winners were awarded by the sponsors of the competition ─ the companies Incom and VirusBlockAda.

The Championship was organized by the Hi-Tech Park together with the Knowledge Center.

More than 300 system administrators from Belarus took part in the competition. After the first tour of the competition, 20 best participants were defined for the Final. The finalists fulfilled tasks on basic IT if rastructure configuration of a virtual company, deployment of a corporate web-server, configuration of active Cisco networking equipment.


Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.