Microsoft Corporation Presented the Future of IT in Hi-Tech Park

15 November 2011

Microsoft top-management told about prospects of IT-industry development and software market at the workshop for directors of the leading HTP resident companies on the 15th of November, 2011.

According to Rupert March, Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism Director in Central and Eastern Europe, nowadays there is a couple of trends in the sphere of platform development. 

”First trend is maximum flexibility and comfortable platforms for developers (using the same code base or the same tool set as well) and users. Second trend is a blurring and this is where tooling becomes important between deployment on a cloud, on a mobile and on a desktop, and on a slate. And we see these new form factors are really challenging some of the ways in which we develop software.“ 

Rupert March presented Microsoft partner programs for IT-companies to all the participants.

Embracing the Consumerization of IT | download
Microsoft Partner Network and Pinpoint | download

Michail Kazovsky, Head of Epam Systems Infrastructure Support Department, spoke about using Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription, corporate licensing model, and how to implement a software system management, with software as a productive asset of a company.

The seminar participants learned about software management methods, their benefits and implementation means. The questions of software inventory, possible tools and ways of information system monitoring in order to prevent usage of pirate program copies in companies as well as mechanisms for optimization of information system maintenance costs were discussed.

MS EAS Experience | download

Evgeny Danilov, Microsoft Business Development Director in Central and Eastern Europe, underlined the readiness to promote actively Software Asset Management among Belarusian companies as an instrument of software management computer piracy reduction. He pointed out that it is necessary to implement this method in all organizations.