Applied Systems Ltd. Celebrates 15 Years

9 August 2012

HTP Administration congratulates Applied SystemsLtd. on its Birthday!

HTP resident-company Applied Systems Ltd., expert in the development of software for industrial automation based in Minsk, marks its 15th anniversary as a trusted partner to companies in Austria, Germany, Sweden, and United States.

In 1997 a team of seven enthusiasts established Applied Systems company. They concentrated their efforts on electronics design, embedded systems, high-pressure liquid chromatography and interfacing software and hardware. In 1998 the company chose emission testing as the main direction of its development. This decision is regarded as one of most crucial in the company’s history. Applied Systems successfully develops high-level and middle-level software components for measuring the toxicity of vehicle exhaust and checking the conformity to international ecological standards (Euro, EPA, Japan), for automating diagnostic and calibration of testing equipment and for other applications.

From a small group of professionals Applied Systems evolved into an employer of 60 people. During the fifteen years the company has accumulated a substantial know-how in design and development of data acquisition and visualization software, hardware checking and calibration systems, alarm systems and mobile solutions. Applied Systems’ key advantage is the ability to create complex multi-components solutions and to successfully integrate hardware and software.

Applied Systems is able to meet stringent requirements for system reliability thanks to unprecedented expertise in the field of automated software testing. The company has even created Octopus, its own solution for automated testing control, which increases the efficiency of testing and improves test tool infrastructure.

“If you look at the complexity of the tasks we have been solving, you will be confident to entrust your project to us”, says Sergei Usovich, founder and CEO at Applied Systems. “Belarusian score top results in international math and programming contests. Thanks to our close cooperation with universities we have access to the pool of talent. The symbiosis of experience and enthusiasm– that's what helped us to deliver outstanding results to our customers”.

About Applied Systems Ltd.

Founded in 1997 in Minsk, Applied Systems Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with profound expertise in design and development of multi-component industrial automation systems, embedded software, and system integration. The company provides a full cycle of project development services, including requirements specifications, architecture design, programming, testing, integration, commissioning, maintenance and support. Applied Systems is a partner to businesses from Austria, Germany, Sweden and the USA across automotive, energy, manufacturing and telecommunications industries.

Applied Systems is a resident-company of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and is a Microsoft Partner with the Software development competence.