Viber Technical Director: "We Don't Listen to Calls, it's Technically Impossible" - part 1

22 August 2012
Katerina Sipakova,  IT.TUT.BY

IP-telephony is gaining popularity day by day. Besides the well-known application Skype, there are others, less popular but attention-worthy. 

In TUT.BY-ТV studio we met with developers of VoIP-service Viber – an application for cell phones to make free calls and send text messages. Viber works with a phone book of a subscriber and registration is not required.  Today Viber is used by about 100 million of people all over the world, but the most important fact is that Viber was developed in Belarus by HTP resident-company Music Lab. 

Is there a reason for mobile service providers to dislike Viber? Are communications through this application safe? Is there future for voice calls in mobile networks? We discussed it with Viber CEO Talmon Marko and Viber Media Technical Director Igor Magazinik. 

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.