IT-JUMP 2012 Winners

1 November 2012

Winners of the National Youth Competition IT-JUMP 2012 are chosen after the final that was held November 1, 2012:

Category “Best game project”:

1st place - project FAR7

2nd place - Dragon's Adventure

3rd place - Cram!

Category “Best mobile app for ANDROID”:

1st place - Greeny Play

2nd place - Edukted Math Helper

3rd place - Crocodile Live

Category “Excellence in Software development”:

1st place - FaceCept

2nd place – Online Bookkeeping Assistant

3rd place - MEGASKLAD

As a result of expert examination there were 15 projects chosen among 39 to participate in the final. The prize fund of the competition is BYR 240 million (first place – BYR 56 million, second place – BYR 16 million, third place – BYR 8 million).

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.