Netherlands Plans to Foster ITC Cooperation with Belarus

27 November 2012

Dutch business representatives gave a high assessment of Belarus and Russia achievements in ICT and plan to foster cooperation in this sphere. Possible directions of this cooperation were discussed at Dutch-Belarus-Russian ICT seminar and match-making.

About 40 companies took part in the event. Belarus ICT sector in the Hague was represented by Hi-Tech Park (HTP).

Commenting on the nature of the idea to organize such an event, the host party explained that Belarus and Russia are well known in Dutch business circles as countries with traditionally high level of IT education and quality software development. Outsourcing is what the Dutch are particularly interested in here.

As representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the Netherlands reported, “there is a lack of IT students here what will result in the lack of IT specialists, predictably, 40 thousand. It’s quite possible that our companies will have to fight for those rare but vital human resources to satisfy the growing need in IT sphere. At the same time there are Belarusian and Russian IT professionals with good theoretical knowledge at the seminar”. Thus, he encouraged local businesses not to miss this opportunity for cooperation.

Deputy Director of Hi-Tech Park Administration Alexander Martinkevich gave representatives of Dutch IT companies a detailed account of Park achievements and of benefits that a foreign investor registered in HTP enjoys.

Alexander Martinkevich:

“During the Matchmaking our companies had the opportunity to meet and to exchange their opinions with Dutch companies and I believe that in the future it will help both parties to realize their full potential of cooperation”.

Patrick Bos, international Business advisor of the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency:

“I can say that this event can be seen as a success and perfect stepping stone towards the future. All parties involved made some useful contacts and received information about the IT / Software industry in the Netherlands, Russian and Belarus. A good cooperation between these nations can be very beneficial for all countries and companies”.

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