2012 for HTP Residents

2012 for HTP Residents
3 January 2013
3 January 2013
What will Hi-Tech Park resident-companies remember 2012 for? What projects have been successful? What are their expectations for the coming year?

Representatives of the companies share their impressions of the passing year and plans for a new one:


Alexander Podgrusha, Chief Operating Officer

Every year brings changes to the development of the company and sometimes even makes us revise the essentials. 2012 wasn’t an exception.

Thanks to well organized work and enthusiasm of the whole team we have improved in the sphere of Big Data, increasing the amount of our products on European  markets. We opened R&D centers in Argentina, took some actions to make a company recognized on the nation market. This year we also implemented some ideas to make working environment more comfortable.

We enter 2013 in a good mood and we have strong intentions to realize more difficult and ambitious projects.

In the passing year we devoted a lot of time to research, new activities and professional growth of our employees. It was the year of investments in the success and development of the company.  

We believe that in 2013 we will reap the fruits. It will be the time to scale new heights.


Liudmila Siachko, Director

The passing year was quite dynamic for our company, full of events and achievements. We worked hard and here is the result: the number of company employees has doubled, money turnover from projects realization has grown, exploration of new software development areas has successfully started.

We switched from implementation of custom software to developing our own products for governmental institutions and housing and public utilities and this became a turning point in 2012 history of our company.

To become an even more reliable partner for our customers we received a licence from Belarusian analytical center to engage in activities to protect technical information using various methods, including electronic digital signature.

An important aspect of our 2012 activities was the support of the game of chess: we sponsored a chess club to participate in an international tournament in Israel.

Saying farewell to 2012 we are looking in the future with confidence and we are intended to achieve more goals. We are planning to strengthen our position on the market as well as our relationships with customers; produce a greater variety of products. I am sure our greatest achievements are ahead.

Game Stream

Victor Novochadov, Director

2012 turned out to be successful for Game Stream: our software products are becoming more and more popular with people, the number of employees has grown significantly, the same as money turnover. We have won numerous prestigious awards (Golden Joystick and Golden Byte among them), have sponsored many important events (IT-JUMP, etc.).

There is something more than hope, there is a basis to do better in 2013. I am sure, the goals will be accomplished and we will be able to surprise our customers improving the quality of our products that is already high.


Ongan Mordeniz, Director

2012 has been a difficult year for us. Difficult in terms of different chops and changes. But such challenges only make us stronger. Now we are working at an interesting project, which we believe will become a great success of the coming year. I’d like to say thanks to our team, who have been working hard and diligently. We have a talented team and with their support everything is possible. For the upcoming year whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges, whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities. And we are ready to face them!

IBA Group

Sergei Levteev, Head of Supervisory Board

2012 went well for IBA Group development centers and HTP resident-companies IT Park and IBA Gomel Park.

Construction works to build an industrial and residential cluster of IBA Group started in 2012 and are planned to be completed in 2013 for 20th anniversary of the holding. We expect that the realization of this project will cause the increase in the number of employees. According to our plans, the number of specialists of IT Park alone will double by the end of 2013. This complex will not only create comfortable conditions for work, life and leisure of our staff, but will further export potential of IBA Group.

Traditionally, IT Park and IBA Gomel Park take an active part in HTP educational projects –providing equipment for universities, establishment of R&D labs and PC classes, organization of courses on the basis of Belarus-India Digital Learning center. 2012 was no exception. At Belarus-India Digital Learning center alone they organized 10 free trainings for university professors.

2012 brought IT Park and IBA Gomel Park well-deserved awards (National Competition Golden Byte).


OlegMyaskovsky, Director

Summarizing 2012, I should say that it was full of different events. In the passing year the IntexSoft software development company underwent some changes: a big department for mobile software development was opened, young promising people joined the team (I am sure, they will secure a steady growth of the company in 2013).

We renovated the website, modernized the office, thus creating even more comfortable working conditions. Also, we worked out a new strategy of IntexSoft development. As any company, we had our difficult moments. It’s no secret that IT market is becoming more and more competitive and terms for project development are becoming shorter. In spite of all the difficulties, we managed to finish the year successfully.

To sum up, I’d like to mention that we appreciate both positive and negative moments of the passing year, because what makes us stronger is hardships. We don’t expect 2013 to be easy, but we hope that it will be full of bright memorable events and will give IntexSoft an impulse to move forward.


Sergey Gvardeitsev, CEO

The passing year was difficult and interesting for Itransition. We planned a lot and made a lot of efforts to achieve our goals. This year we became 10 positions closer to the top of the rating lists Global Services 100, ISVs in Europe — the Top 500 and Software 500, of course. We received a couple of prestige international awards, including International Business Awards 2012.

Itransition has been dynamically developing: in the passing year the amount of employees grew by 200 people. In the next year we are planning to make an emphasis on head hunting and training. In the first quarter we must cross the line of 1000 employees.

I congratulate everybody on the coming holidays: Christmas and New Year’s Eve. May all the problems stay in the passing year and 2013 become the time for new beginnings!

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.