Programs for Automatization of Housing Privatization and Ads Placement Introduced in HTP

25 January 2013

An HTP resident-company Ericpol Brest made a presentation on its own software for automatization of housing privatization and control of advertisements placement.

The program on privatization was developed as part of the implementation of electronic government in Belarus and is already successful in Brest.

Currently, the company is also developing a new software product Outdoor Advertising. According to Valery Tsilind, Ericpol Brest Director, this program will appear on Belarusian market within the next 3 months. The implementation of the new software is expected to start from Brest. A couple of executive committees are already interested in it. Meanwhile, the objective is to make the product universal for the whole country.

The presentation went in the form of a lively discussion that lasted even after the time for the meeting was due. It gathered about 50 representatives of companies working in the sphere of privatization and advertisements placement from the capital and regional towns. 

Ericpol Brest (a part of the international group Ericpol) was established in Brest in 2007 and is an HTP resident since 2010. Till 2012 the company had produced software for export only, specializing in software development for telecommunications, medicine and banking. During the last year the company entered the domestic market with their product on privatization, currently, its staff is 170 employees.

Ericpol Group ( has been present on the international ICT market since 1991. The total number of employees in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden exceeds 1500 people.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.