First Success of HTP IT Centre in Orsha

First Success of HTP IT Centre in Orsha
28 May 2010
28 May 2010
The victory in informatics and web-programming Olympics held by the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Belarus State University became a particular success of the Resource IT Centre in Orsha inaugurated by the Hi-Tech Park. In total 19 students became winners, including

* 4 pupils from Orsha,
* 3 students from Minsk and 3 from Mogilev,
* 2 students from Vitebsk, Borisov and Dzerzhinsk each,
* 1 pupil from Molodechno and 1 from Baranovichi.

The IT Centre dedicates significant time to work with gifted children. Thus, due to the preparation organized by the Center, pupils from Orsha confidently took up first prizes in regional and republican informatics Olympics.

Nowadays the Center carries out trainings for teachers, city administration workers, librarians and employees of Orsha Education Department and teaches them to work with PC and use it in their professional activity. 8 groups comprising 80 people are already studying, it is planned to start teaching 8 more groups in September 2010. Besides, the Center renders assistance to children’s home in Dubrovno, Vitebsk region, in training the foster children to work with PC.

On the eve of the 2010 university admission campaign the IT Center held vocationally-orientation testing for 500 graduates of the city schools. Thanks to the specialists of the Center the pupils got competent vocational guidance.

The resources of the Center are actively used for holding tournaments and competitions for the students of Orsha and the district. Thus, a city tournament on intellectual computer games, a remote competition “Info-know-it-all” for pupils of 4th-11th grades, a computer testing of the best students on subjects of the school curriculum in the framework of the contest “Best Pupil” were held this year.

On the basis of the resource Center meetings of creative teams on all the subjects of the school curriculum on using information technologies in the teaching process are held, which allows to enlarge the range of electronic learning instruments and systemize the learning materials.

For reference:
The resource IT Centre in Orsha was inaugurated by HTP on December 8, 2009. The project was implemented in the framework of HTP activities aimed at promoting technical education among schoolchildren and encouraging them to aim for engineering, computer science and other technical education. The Centre was set up on the basis of the City Education Department.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.