HTP Announces Winners of Belarus Science and Engineering Fair 2013

HTP Announces Winners of Belarus Science and Engineering Fair 2013
26 March 2013
26 March 2013

On March, 20 the winners of Belarus Science and Engineering Fair 2013 were announced at the Hi-Tech Park during an opening summing up ceremony.

Roman Birula, a pupil of the 11th grade of Minsk school #41 became the winner with his project ”Full 3D Acoustics“ representing a prototype of 3D headset.

The main difference of a new sound system was the location of the speaker not at the right angle to the ear, which takes into account the specific features of the structure of the ear of each user. This prototype can be recommended for a full presence effect while using simulators and playing computer games, but also can be used for diagnosis of the vestibular system.

The second place was divided between two team works:

”Percolation games on Cayley groups graphs“ by Maxim Bezrukov and Alexander Stadolnik, pupils of the 11th grade of Minsk school #41. The project explored the game of finitely generated abelian groups and the Heisenberg group on Cayley graphs.

"Physical and technical principles of creating moving images inside the glass" by Olga and Yulia Lyudchik, pupils of the 10th and 11th  grades of the Lyceum of BSU. The engineering project was devoted to investigation of the laser breakdown in transparent solids and of the scattering of light in the areas of laser breakdown.

Diplomas of the third-degree were awarded to

Nikita Kondratyonok, a pupils of the 9th grade of Minsk school# 41, for the project ”Continued fractions in Euclidean rings“; Timophej Malakhovsky, a student of the 9th grade of Soligorsk school# 2 for the project "Getting pseudoalloys of aluminum and glass" and Roman Polyakov, a student of the 10th grade of Vitebsk school# 1 for the work "How to create a supercapacitor: practical use of the double electric layer concept."

Special diplomas were awarded to a number of successful projects:

Certificate of Intel Corporation for contribution in the development of research and creative activities of young scientists was awarded  to Dmitry Grin, a pupil of the 8th grade of Grodno gymnasium# 3 for the project ”DeltaUNIX - project of creating own OS";

Certificate of Yale Science and Engineering Association for the most outstanding 11th grade project in the areas of computer science, engineering, physics and chemistry was awarded to Zahar Jakubowski, a student of the 11th grade of Zhodino school# 1 for the project ”Percolation as a model of a phase transition“;

Ricoh diploma for the contribution to environmental protection was given to Maxim Kudryavtsev, Roman Bryzgalov and Vladimir Shpak, pupils of the 9th grade of SEI ”Marinogorsk gymnasium“ for the project ”Solution of environmental problems through natural catalysts“;

Mu Alpha Theta for the most challenging and creative investigation of a problem involving mathematics accessible to a High school was awarded to Maxim Bezrukov and Alexander Stadolnik for ”Percolation games on Cayley groups graphs”.

According to the decision of the jury the opportunity to present their work at the prestigious International competition Intel ISEF 2013, which will be held in May in the U.S., was awarded to Roman Birula, Timophej Malakhovsky, Maxim Bezrukov and Alexander Stadolnik.

All in all, 90 pupils from 57 schools from all the regions of Belarus took part in the qualifying round of the competition”Belarus Science and Engineering Fair 2013“ .

71 projects (56 individual and 15 team) were presented for the competition. Here belong:

  • 28 projects in the category of "science"
  • 18 projects in the category ”Physics and Astronomy“
  • 13 projects in the category ”Mathematical Science“
  • 5 projects in the category ”Design: Electrical Engineering and Mechanics“
  • 7 projects in the category ”Design: Materials and Bioengineering”.

18 best projects were selected by the jury for the final. For the first time the final took place in a specific form: children presented their works and personally spoke to each member of the jury.

The contest was organized by the Hi-Tech Park, the Minsk Regional Institute of Education, Department of Education and the Minsk Region Executive Committee and Intel Corporation.

The contest was held with the support of HTP residents: EPAM Systems and Game Stream.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.