High School Students from National Childrens Center Zubryonok: "We Have Always Wanted to Visit the Hi-Tech Park..."

8 October 2013

Winners of city and regional competitions in mathematics and computer science from the National Childrens Education and Recuperation Center Zubryonok visited the Hi-Tech Park on October 3, 2013. The most active and curious fans of the world of high technology shared their impressions of the visit:

"We have always wanted to visit the Hi-Tech Park. And I have always known I want to be a programmer. I know that I have to improve my knowledge in mathematics and study physics, as I decided to enter the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks of BSUIR long ago. Now I am working towards the goal. I do not always succeed in everything, of course. Sometimes I am just afraid of a failure: that I will not pass the test or I will not win a competition. But I try to manage somehow..." said Yury Bondarchuk, a winner of the Republican Olympiad in computer science, a student of school № 3 in Bobruisk.

"I believe we must try our strength in all possible competitions and olympiads. Even if you fail, you know at least what kind of tasks are offered and next time you study particular topics more thoroughly. Besides, you start evaluating your knowledge in a different way, comparing yourself to others. At first I was interested in web-sites. I inquired deeply into it, wanted to know how it works. Now I am studying computer science and programming. I also want to enter BSUIR," shared his plans Dmitry Timopo, a winner of a regional competition, a student of a gymnasium in Krichev.

Stanislav Rusakov, a student of school № 4 in Gomel, also expressed his opinion: "I can say for sure that I will do my best to work in the HTP when I grow up. I am happy about the visit: when you see everything "live", you perceive it in a different way. And I like it. I like computer science and mathematics, and physics, I guess. Now I know that in order to be successful in the future, you have to study hard and strive to work in the HTP."

In the HTP the high school students had a opportunity to learn more about the Hi-Tech Park. Moreover, while visiting EPAM Systems and System Technology, they could also watch programmers working. The students asked a lot of questions and participate in discussions.