HTP Resident-Companies: A Look Back at the Year 2013 (Part 2)

20 December 2013

What was the outgoing year like for the HTP resident-companies? What projects have been implemented and what achievements have been accomplished? What do the HTP residents expect in 2014?

Companies executives share their impressions of the outgoing year and plans for the future:

Marat Ebzeev, SaM Solutions: "... When it comes to summing up the results of the outgoing year, everyone looks back to assess the road traveled. And it is not so important how busy, bright, or vice versa, eventless and familiar it was. The experience you received and the people you met in the outgoing year are invaluable. The people with whom fate has brought you together during this period are important. In 2013 SaM Solutions has celebrated its 20th anniversary. This wonderful date bearing a long history of development and enhancement of technical capacity would have been impossible without our highly professional employees. They are the secret of success of SaM Solutions, as their work, daily efforts, and victories help the company build a ladder of success aspiring to lofty goals.

Let the coming Year of the Horse show you new horizons. Let the most daring dreams and aspirations come true in the New Years Eve. We wish you pleasant surprises and gifts every day. Let there be as much happiness as there are needles on all Christmas trees in our country, and let your life be as bright and colorful as the night lights in Minsk..."

Valery Tsilind, ERICPOL: "...Another year of fruitful work,discoveries, and achievements is coming to an end. It has been rich not only with vivid, memorable events but also with difficulties which we have overcome becoming even stronger and wiser.

The beginning of the construction of individual houses for our employees has become a remarkable event for us, along with the significant increase in performance and execution of the companys plans. The image and the people working with the company are the most precious assets we have. What we cherish, preserve, and increase. We have implemented an important social project for our region, codenamed Career Bureau. It is designed to assist students to find their way in the labor market and help businesses to get good professionals.

I heartily congratulate the Hi-Tech Park administration and residents, our customers, and our staff on the upcoming holidays. I wish you health, energy, luck, and patience. May you achieve your goals and make well thought-out decisions! May all your projects come true! Happy New Year!"

Veronika Kesova, Viber: "...This year has been very eventful and dynamic for us! This year, we have released Viber desktop client, so Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users can communicate even more now! A lot of new options for mobile versions of Viber have emerged this year, too!

We launched the option to call to non-Viber numbers – Viber Out! It has been a very long way for us and we are really glad to have released this functionality this year. After all, we have many plans for the next year and want to manage everything and continue to delight the users. Our Viber team is actively growing and this year it was decided to move to a more spacious and, above all, our own office! It is still under renovation, but everybody is already excited about a new home. I am sure the next year will be even brighter and more positive for us..."

Alexander Mukovozchik, ST Group: "...Despite the fact that everybody was feeling a little anxious about the year 2013, considering the negative reputation of the number 13, I can confidently say that the year has been very fruitful for the company. This year we have attracted new clients from the banking sector. And we should not forget about our achievements in the field of complex industrial automation – thanks to the work of our team, we can now offer solutions for virtually any type of business. We have also delighted our loyal customers with new developments enabling their further growth and improvement. We always follow the latest trends in the market, so we have been particularly focused on mobile application development. We understand that our customers always want to have the latest information and we do everything possible to ensure their full access to the information at any level, wherever they are. I should also note that 2013 was a year of consolidation of all ST Group companies. Today they are not just disparate entities united under one name, but a powerful organism which is constantly being improved, offering a full range of IT services and products. Next year, we are going to move in the direction of mutually beneficial partnership, integrity of the companies, and advanced developments. In the New Years Eve, I wish everyone to achieve their goals and conquer new heights! I wish you success and prosperity!"

Sergei Usovich, Applied Systems: "...Summing up the results of the year 2013, I should say that it was eventful for Applied Systems. The company has successfully realized a project for a major manufacturer of measuring equipment – we have implemented Octopus, an automated testing control system. Our team has also expanded its portfolio of competencies, in the field of building automation in particular.

In 2014, Applied Systems is planning to develop new technologies, such as SmartTV and augmented reality, and deliver competitive solutions and services to our customers... Happy New Year!"

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.