HTP Supports Talented School Students

22 April 2014

Over BYR 100 mln were directed by the HTP resident-companies Numerical MethodsIBA IT ParkDigigradRuna SystemsHiQo Solutions, VironITAwemAtlantconsultsoftStylesoftNival Network and YandexBel to hold the finals and award winners of the Republican Olympiads in Informatics, Mathematics, and Physics.

Alexander Martinkevich, Deputy Director of the HTP Administration, noted: "The participation of the HTP resident-companies in activities aimed at supporting talented young Belarusians is an important part of the cooperation between the HTP and the training system in the area of information technology; it enhances the prestige of technical education and encourages students to major in IT."

This year, 120 school students participated in the final stage of the Republican Olympiad in Informatics which took place in Borisov. The results were announced at the closing ceremony on March 28. During the ceremony the participants were awarded with diplomas, gifts and prizes provided by the sponsors of the Olympiad. Students of the Lyceum of the Belarusian State University were traditionally among the best. Young computer scientists from teams of the Vitebsk and the Minsk regions won the biggest number of awards.

11 participants were awarded with the I Degree Diplomas, they are as follows: Vadim Zakharenko (BSU Lyceum), Nikita Sazanovich (Stolbtsy School No.3), Fyodor Korobeynikov (Gomel Gymnasium No.51), Aleksey Vystyazh (Ivye School), Pavel Sapezhko (Orsha Gymnasium No.1), Barbara Kuskova (Vitebsk Gymnasium No.1), Andrey Raukut (Lida School No.1), Andrey Ilyin (BSU Lyceum), Nikolay Guletsky (Minsk Gymnasium No.29), Dmitry Kalabuk (BSU Lyceum) and Vladislav Kiselev (Bobruysk School No.16). 49 young geniuses received the II and III Degree Diplomas.

307 winners of regional Olympiads in Mathematics and Physics competed in Mogilev. A team of the Minsk region received the biggest number of diplomas. Students of the Lyceum of the Belarusian State University were among the best. During the closing ceremony held on March 28 the winners were awarded with diplomas and prizes, including mobile phones, tablets and computer displays provided by the sponsors.

30 school students became the outright winners of the Olympiads in Mogilev. A special prize from the Hi-Tech Park was awarded to the youngest participant of the three Olympiads Valentin Dorofeev (Mogilev School No.21). In general, more than 150 students were awarded with different diplomas, certificates and special prizes.

Denis Kim, Valentin Vityaz, Sergey Orlovsky and Roman Marchenko (BSU Lyceum); Vladislav Abramchik, Aleksey Vasilevsky, Evgeny Kukel, Svyatoslav Borodachev, Konstantin Kostevich and Dmitry Bobrov (Minsk Gymnasium No.41 named after Serebryany); Vladislav Kozlovsky and Alexander Pivovarchik (Lida Gymnasium No.1), Pavel Astapenko (Luban School No.1), Egor Dubovik (Gomel Gymnasium No.51), Andrey Asanov (Shchuchin Gymnasium) and Dmitry Voynov (Minsk Gymnasium No.29) were named the best in mathematics.

Stasis Chuchurka and Evgeny Shurygin (BSU Lyceum), Nikita Isakov and Anton Tolkachev (Gomel Gymnasium No.14), Dmitry Grin (Grodno Gymnasium No.3), Vitaly Vistunov (Polotsk Gymnasium No.16), Erik Kamlik (Grodno City Gymnasium), Ilya Perepechko (Soligorsk Gymnasium No.3), Maria Bystrova (Minsk Gymnasium No.5), Anton Khvaluk (Minsk Gymnasium No.29) and Bogdan Zvezhinsky (Minsk Gymnasium No.22) were the brightest in physics.

According to the Chairman of the jury of the Republican Olympiad in Physics, Head of the Computer Simulations Department of the Faculty of Physics at the Belarusian State University, associate professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Anatoly Slobodyanyuk, the participants were well prepared and demonstrated relentless pursuit of victory: "The students showed a reasonably good results, there were no "zero" works, on the contrary, several participants almost reached the maximum points. It pleases us very much, as the Olympiad tasks though based on the school course are still much broader."

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.