IT Career Day!

IT Career Day!
11 September 2014
11 September 2014
IT Career Dayis a series of career guidance events conducted by the Hi-Tech Park on September 1-10, 2014. Representatives of the HTP and technical universities providing IT education met with school students across the country. This years event was attended byover 4000children.

For the fifth consecutive year, high school students receive the opportunity to learn about the benefits of IT education and the prospects it provides during career guidance events organized by the HTP. The IT Career Day helped school students find right approaches when choosing a future profession and sort out a great amount of information.

During the IT Career Day, children learned about the HTP resident-companies and its activities. They received useful up-to-date information about IT professions, learned which of them will be most demanded in the future and where to study to pursue an IT career and work in the Hi-Tech Park. Representatives of the HTP resident-companies shared their experience and firsthand information on the latest trends in the world of IT; they also spoke about software development process and the peculiarities of employment and work.

The IT Career Day was conducted in different regions of the country as the Belarusian IT industry and the Hi-Tech Park are developing today not only in Minsk; the HTP resident-companies have their offices in many Belarusian cities. Thus, representatives of the HTP visited Zhodino, Borisov, Osipovichy, Gomel, Mogilev, Mozyr, Orsha, Novopolotsk, Polotsk, Zhlobin, Baranovichi, Brest, Grodno, Novogrudok and Lida. The HTP administration welcomed high school students in Minsk.

Kirill Reutsky, Head of theA1QA’s Mogilev office: "Today, the IT market in Belarus is actively growing and we need new professionals. For example, our company increased by 60% last year. Consequently, we have big plans for further growth, and we need qualified staff. As world practice shows, it is better to start preparing them as early as possible."

Due to the IT Career Day, high school students heard a lot of arguments in favor of getting engineering, computer and other technical education. It is also noteworthy that the HTP resident-companies have employed 1,076 graduates of Belarusian universities this year. Their demand for IT professionals far exceeds the supply in the labor market, and hence university graduates’ knowledge and initiative is always very welcomed by IT companies.

Elena Gerasimenok, Deputy Director atJNetworks, noted that the IT Career Daywas one of the most successful events which was interesting to everyone:"We believe that through such activities our company will have a lot of young qualified professionals in the future, enabling us to consistently work and develop in the fast-growing market of IT."

At the HTP meetings, high school students got a valuable advice: it is necessary to follow the trends in the labor market and choose a profession that will be in demand in the future. IT professionals create the future and the IT sphere opens a lot of opportunities for career growth and self-realization.

The last event of the IT Career Day was held on September 10 in Lida where the IT-Academy Steps was opened.

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