Open Days at HTP

Open Days at HTP
12 September 2014
12 September 2014
Over 600 Belarusian students visited offices of the Hi-Tech Park resident-companies during the first week of the new school year.The Open Days at the HTPprovided an opportunity for children to get acquainted with the peculiarities of real IT companies and learn about existing professions in the field of software development.

System Technology, EPAM and Exadel welcomed students from the BSU Lyceum."We want to work here!"confessed the children after the visit

Belarusian high school students had a unique opportunity not only to expand their knowledge of ICT, but also to ask questions to those who are engaged in creating innovative products.The Open Days at the HTPwere held throughout the country: both Minsk and regional companies welcomed students at their offices.

Dmitry Ledyaev, PR-manager at SaM Solutions:"To communicate with interesting people, see the work process, assess the actual working conditions and visit the office of a large company are, in my opinion, those tangible leverages that encourage young people in choosing a future profession. Undoubtedly, such activities should be held regularly as they help students in their professional self-determination and broaden their horizons."

Students from Minsk gymnasium No.37 had the opportunity to talk with the director of SaM Solutions Marat Ebzeev. The children were shown a prototype of a home automation system ("smart house") and a drag racing model they even could test

Altoros Development showed its offices to students from Minsk schoolNo.18

IBA prepared a special presentation for students from Minsk schoolNo.21; the companys experts related the history of IT as well as their professional and personal growth. The children saw companys offices, a gym, a café and a relaxation room

SCAND welcomed high school students from Minsk gymnasiumsNo.20 andNo.9 and showed them one of the companys mobile projects – the Augmented Reality app

During the Open Days at the HTP, Belarusian high school students received firsthand information on how to get an interesting, challenging and well-paid job by becoming an employee of the Hi-Tech Park as well as what specialists are most demanded by the HTP now and will be in demand in the future.
2020 Top IT Educational Courses, according to a study conducted by the HTP:

"Information Technology Software"
"Information Systems and Technology (in Design and Manufacturing)"
"Automated Data Processing Systems"
"Computers, Systems and Networks"
"Applied Mathematics (Research and Production Activity)"
"Computer Science and Engineering Techniques"
"Artificial Intelligence"
"Applied Computer Science (Computer Systems Software)"
"Information Technology and Management in Engineering Systems"
"Mathematics (Research and Production Activity)"
"Computer Security (Mathematical Methods and Software Systems)"
"Computer Mathematics and Systems Analysis"
"Economical Informatics"
"Economic Cybernetics (Mathematical Methods and Computer Simulation in Economics)"

Today, the HTP resident-companies also actively develop their offices in the regions, and hence it is not necessary to move to Minsk to work in the sphere of information technology. Thus,Viktar Shpuntau, Senior Software Engineering Manager at EPAM Systemsoffice in Mogilev, said:"Today’shigh school students should understand that they can build an interesting and long-term IT career in their hometown. Moreover, here, in Mogilev, young people can receive the appropriate education, too. We are willing to invest our efforts in this work because we believe that we invest in the IT potential growth of both our city and our company."

In EPAMs Mogilev office, students from lyceumNo.3 and the BRU Lyceum learned about the work of a business analyst, a developer and a tester. Then a lively conversation continued in a more informal setting with tea and sweet things

Vyacheslav Basharimov, Director of Engineering at Mogilev-based HTP resident-companyAwem:"Today we see the labor market and that many people regret they missed the boat and did not start their career in IT – they spent years in vain and now have to make super-efforts to catch up even with students interns of experience. Therefore, we are happy to welcome today’sschool students who will become our colleagues tomorrow".

In Mogilev, students from gymnasiumsNo.1 andNo.2 and lyceumNo.3 visited Awem where they learned about the specifics of mobile and game development as well as companys successful projects and games, talked with professionals of all departments involved in project development and maintenance and even tried to make their first steps in computer desig

Thanks to the hospitality of the HTP resident-companies, the children could see how IT companies organize their work and assess the career prospects in the sphere of information technology.The students not only heard about the peculiarities of work in the IT sector, but also got some useful tips from experts about what to consider when choosing a university, what subjects need their special attention and what to do to become a successful and recognized professional.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.