BelSEF 2015 Winners Announced

BelSEF 2015 Winners Announced
22 February 2015
22 February 2015
On February 22, the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics hosted the award ceremony of the Belarus Science & Engineering Fair 2015.

The Judges determined winners in each category as well as the students who are going to represent Belarus at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2015.

Biological SciencesWinners:
Ilya Novoselskiy – I Degree Diploma;
Ivan Anishkevich; Katerina Gaponyuk and Yaraslau Kuznechyk – II Degree Diploma;
Herman Vaitovich, Anastasija Ageeva – III Degree Diploma;

Computer Science Winners:
Uladzislau Hadalau – I Degree Diploma;
Uladzimir Hanhala; Hleb Linnik, Andrew Naumovich and Andrei Dashkevich – II Degree Diploma;
Ilya Brahinets; Uladzislau Shulzhytski and Aliaksei Barisevich – III Degree Diploma;

Mathematical SciencesWinners:
Nikita Kondratyonok – I Degree Diploma;
Nikolai Prochorov, Artem Glotov – II Degree Diploma;
Anastasiya Vaitsiakhovich; Mikhail Alifanov and Mark Drozd – III Degree Diploma;

Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical Winners:
Ivan Saetchnikov – I Degree Diploma;
Valerija Mahlaj – II Degree Diploma;
Anatol Gameza, Vasilij Tochjonyj – III Degree Diploma;

Physics Winners:
Viktar Beliautsou, Mikita Syrovatnikau and Aleh Karabko – I Degree Diploma;
Egor Dorofeev and Nikolaj Zhigalkovich, Dzmitry Kryvenchuk – II Degree Diploma;
Mark Vialichko and Maxim Hurinovich, Dmitriy Baranov – III Degree Diploma;

Chemistry Winners:
Lizaveta Serabro – I Degree Diploma;
Larysa Shkvarko – II Degree Diploma;
Lizaveta Palivoda; Lizaveta Babior and Tatsiana Kasper – III Degree Diploma;

Environmental Sciences Winners:
Darya Zaleskaya – I Degree Diploma;
Alexander Razhkov and Maryna Kavaliova, Volha Vrubleuskaya and Yury Seravoki – II Degree Diploma;
Nadezhda Dobrijan; Andrey Markovich and Ilia Korovatsky – III Degree Diploma.

In addition, a number of participants were awarded special diplomas and prizes.

The business jury highlighted the projects of Ivan Saetchnikov, Dzmitry Kryvenchuk,and Viktar Beliautsou, Aleh Karabko and Mikita Syrovatnikau.

The projects of Mark Vialichko and Maxim Hurinovich, Yauheni Bohinau, and Darya Zaleskaya were selected as the most promising by the pedagogical jury.

The youth jury recognized as the best the projects of Yauheni Bohinauand Nikolai Prochorov.

Uladzislau Hadalau won Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award. Dzmitry Kryvenchuk received Intel Galileo, a microcontroller board which can help to extend the capabilities of his drone.

Artem Glotov was awarded a special diploma form the Mu Alpha Theta, the United States mathematics honor society for high schools and two-year colleges.

Yury Seravoki and Volha Vrubleuskaya won Ricoh Sustainable Development Award.

Darya Zaleskaya received the Association for Women Geoscientists Certificate.

Ilya Novoselskiy was awarded Society for In Vitro Biology Certificate of Outstanding Achievement.

Not only the BelSEF 2015 winners received diplomas, smartphones, multifunction printers, and other useful prizes, also their teachers were awarded for supporting young students and developing their interest in science.

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