#just link_it!

#just link_it!
20 March 2015
20 March 2015
The Hi-Tech Park announces the launch of #IT_link, a unique set of contests for curious and active school students in grades 1 through 11, future scientists or IT professionals!

We invite the youngest school students (grades 1-3) to take part in a drawing contest IT Through Children’s Eyes and share their images of the IT world.

School students in grades 4-6 are welcome to try and work as inventors and create crafts for IT Fantasy.

Those who are thinking about their future career (students in grades 7-9) and those who are interested in becoming an IT specialist are invited to participate in IT Profession. Winners will get an opportunity to become team members of a real IT company – an HTP resident and even create a piece of a real IT project.

Students who have already started their way in the IT world may win the opportunity of meeting potential investors. We invite high school students to present their projects in the contest IT Idea.

You can send your projects till May 6, 2015. A list of the winners will be available at www.park.by on May 22, 2015.

The Hi-Tech Park wish everyone good luck and inspiration!

For reference:
The contest is held by the Hi-Tech Park and the Minsk Regional Education Development Institute with the support of the Minsk Region Executive Committee. The aim of the contest is to enhance the prestige of technical education among school students and encourage them to continue their studies in engineering, computer and other technical fields.

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